"What do you want on your birthday card?"
"A forklifter. No, a penguin on a forklifter. But it can't reach the pedals cause it's too smol."

To be seen the original card in pencil and a digital remake.

Heeeey, would you look at that. A post. Almost like it's Easter. No, wait, it's Easter.

This was my procrastination for today. I'm sorry, Accounting homework.

Also say hello to my Wendigo. This is me practicing dear heads and body postures in one go.

Something I drew for a friend a while ago and now tried to colour in. She studies astrophysics and likes to think of herself as a star builder. One day, I will work on this again and hopefully it will look the way I want it.

Started with Krita recently. I think I'm getting the hang of the programme, but of course, I still need to practice a lot. My current goal is to improve line art and shading, so I'm just drawing over artwork and filling in the colours.

Polly wants a cracker. A big cracker. Pattern by Nicky Fijalkowsky.

Just moved over from artalley.social, so I figure I ought to do another post.

So uh. Sup, I'm Hooke. I'm an artist with a particular interest in and . Please note that body horror, nudity, eye contact and small, repeating patterns often appear in my work. I do my best to tag these images.

#Threema Tweet über explodierende Download-Zahlen.

"Welcome, new Threema users! Due to the #WhatsAppPolicy controversy, our downloads are skyrocketing. 🚀

Remember, if you’re not paying for a service, you’re the product, not the customer." #regainprivacynow

I made a coat/jumper for the dog. It's buttoned around neck and belly. It's easier for the dog to wear than something round with holes for the paws and easier to get into. The pictures are a little mushy because dog does not like getting pictures taken and tends to look away when I try. I guess even dogs can get phone phobia.

Émotions ! Ceci est ma 1e prise de parole sur le fédiverse ! :) (un comble, quand on participe au site joinfediverse.org XD)

Je suis une illustratrice débutante... de 34 ans :p. J'ai ragequit ma vie parisienne et mon taff de retoucheuse numérique... pour faire mère au foyer dans la forêt ! J'ai maintenant plus de temps pour me consacrer à ma passion et j'espère rattraper le "temps perdu" ^^.

Je vous propose de jeter un œil à un extrait de l'album jeunesse que je viens de finir et pour lequel je recherche un éditeur.

Pas gagné avec ce style semi réaliste très différent de ce qu'on trouve majoritairement pour les enfants... mais je suis une tête de mule :p j'essaye quand même !

Ah et quand je suis nerveuse, j'écris des pavés au lieu d'appuyer sur "envoyer"... Allez... ^^'
#illustrationjeunesse #mastoart #peintureacrylique #painting #art

A pengu for my grandma who likes pengus. With that, I finally have all Christmas gifts done! I'm never doing that again ... knitting ALL Christmas gifts is a really bad idea, especially when you start in December. (Pattern by Amanda Berry.)

project search: I love to work on FLOSS & Privacy, but also need to make a living :) 

I'm a freelance Oracle DBA, looking for new projects, currently from remote. I can councel you on Oracle topics like backup strategies, pre-audits, find & eliminate "license traps" (there are plenty!), give your (junior?) team a boost on specific tasks you need to tackle, automate tasks, and more. Conference calls eg via Jitsi already proved successful with all that.

Offers welcome, boosts too :awesome:


I made a hat. It was exhausting. Great pattern (Steffi Hochfellner) but I just hate picking up stitches. I also made an extra lining to hide the yarn ends from the colour change. It is very warm. Does anyone know how to prevent pom poms from falling apart when you pull the strings (except don't pull the strings)?

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