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Hi there :mastodon:
I'm Alfredo F, a portuguese design enthusiast, and passionate about the GNU/Linux world. I've been focus on creating wallpapers for both desktop and mobile, as also themes for plank dock.
All my work is created with free and open-source software (FOSS).
Give me a shout out and follow the links 🙂

🌐 my blog:
:paypal: Tip jar:

* Exclusive for Plank Dock Fan / Users *

I just added Extend Edition, a new theme variant for:
Mater inLight:
Mater inBlack:


Are you a Plank fan/user? - Great, I just updated a new theme variant of Eligence... Next Edition

Get it for free at:

⁨⁨#Linux⁩ ⁨⁨#xfce⁩ ⁨#lxde⁩ ⁨#mxlinux⁩ ⁨#ubuntu⁩ ⁨#xubuntu⁩ ⁨⁨#archlinux⁩ ⁨#manjaro

In Case You Miss It!
A beautiful wallpaper celebrating this wonderful autumn... "Outumn" from ⁨
Find all about at: ⁨

⁩ ⁨⁩ ⁨ ⁩ ⁨⁩ ⁨⁩ ⁨⁩ ⁨⁩ ⁨⁩ ⁨⁩ ⁨⁩ ⁨⁩ ⁨⁩ ⁨⁩ ⁨ ⁩ ⁨

I just added a new resolution to "Bloom" from .

There's now WQUXGA ( 3840X2400 px ) resolution screen available... Give it a try!



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