Second day of making turned out great. As of today, the is cold for 60 hours. I also make my own . This is my slice with cheese, and . Wife had instead of tuna.

Got fired yesterday, after almost three years of giving my soul to this fuck'n factory. Going to give myself a rest this week. Idiot boss lost his best specialist over an ego trip. Now they left with stupid kids that can't read an analog clock. Good luck.

We recently bought a and decided to try the function with this 1.5 kg piece. Stuffed the with fresh garlic, bay leaves and black pepper, rubbed it with salt and spices mix, wrapped in foil. 30 minutes on max, then an hour on 180°C. Left it to chill overnight. Best I ever made.

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Today' lazy session. is from 2014.

This set is pretty common on AE and Etsy. Today I found out that if hold a cup against a light source you can see your fingers through it.


Fastest delivery ever: I paid for it on 23rd of April and it took them a day to send it.

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Tested my new today, decided to snap a . Looks like this little beast is going to be my favorite for a while. Tea is 2020 Camphornought .


Made a yesterday. Half half with sliced and double on top. Both and a are made from scratch by me.

Hey #tea heads: There is now a tea group on the Fediverse.

That is to say, there’s a bot at @tea which boosts all posts that tag it. And if you follow the bot, you’ll see all posts on the Fediverse that tag it.

This makes tea-soaked posts easier to find than hashtags ever could, for reasons you can read about here:

New , just arrived. It's hard to see on the photo, there are multiple colors layered and partially mixed together in the glaze and it has a golden sparkling sheen to it. Waiting for Saturday to try it in action and to take some macro shots of the glaze in natural light.

Made vareniki with potato filling yesterday. It's a lot of work but very satisfying at the end. :)

Good is all I need after good meal. Honey Aroma Golden Needle Black tea of Yunnan. It smells like honey and tastes like heaven.

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