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hello fediverse world, hello community! I moved my pixelfed sketchbook to this lovely place :artaww:

I will post drawings, collages, prints and other visual ruins here (i do image descriptions). You can follow other toots from me at @fragmentscenario

i love to swap art, zines, books by mail πŸ“¨

There is no β€œlive preview”, it is a small handy camera with a mini lens that kind of folds out

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it’s possible to get sharp images out of it, but you need to judge the distance to the focussed motif well.

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πŸ““ all colour films were sold out (holiday season), so i had to buy this black and white film to test the newly acquired old analogue photo camera from the flea market

πŸ““ drawing from rain, colored every rain drop fallen on the paper

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