Can't sleep because I'm thinking about which accounts I wanna keep and which I wanna axe. Definitely can't juggle so many at a time...

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Honestly I'm looking at Tumblr. I get very little engagement there, especially since The NSFW Event™.

@prosperyne i have been having SO MUCH TROUBLE with interaction on tumblr especially recently so i feel ya LMAO, the only people that are on there now just ignore everything you post practically, its kind of infuriating
that would by My vote personally, if you dont have anything youre too attached to on your blog
or you can just keep it up and announce ur abandoning it!

@vampyric I'm semi attached to my Warframe blog specifically, and I do still have some people who engage with me there. But on my art blog...mostly tumbleweeds :''D so yeah, probably Tumblr.

@prosperyne tbh nuking my tumblr was very satisfying. But I also never got traction there to begin with even before the whole NSFW banhammer came down. Soo yeah, either way, I say if you are cutting down, tumblr is definitely one you could be without in my book at least.

@Galacticdoodle I ALMOST nuked my Tumblr, but a few people convinced me to stay. I'm thinking I am gonna just abandon it though. Maybe I'll keep a queue going on my side blog or something.

@prosperyne @Galacticdoodle I've basically abandoned my tumblr too
I'm only keeping the account open for re-directs and to keep porn bots from taking the account name 😫

@prosperyne I first abandoned mine. Kept it for about a year or so, then I went ahead and nixed it. :3 Probably didn't need to do a year but a few months to see of anyone else wants to contact you ain't a bad plan either.

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