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Hi everyone! My name is Laura, also known as orokinprince. I'm a Mexican American freelance illustrator. Mostly known around the Warframe community, but I also draw a lot of original characters and fan art 💖

:twitter: Twitter:
:tumblr: Tumblr:

:twitch: Stream starts in an hour! :twitch:

Going to be working on some familiar faces this time:

Elric Brothers

In that order 💫

simple colouring is so much easier than detailed shading dlfkjdlkj

Rylan on the left belongs to @spicymiatball Lisben on the right belongs to me!

spanish guide to mastodon :boost_ok: 

¡buenas! esto es un hilo-guía al fediverso en general y a mastodon en particular.

he decidido hacerlo en español porque hay pocos recursos para hispanohablantes sobre el tema.

no obstante, me parece importante para hacer más accesible la experiencia a todo el mundo, y en particular a @YebelisaMonster, amigo mío que ha empezado a acompañarnos en el fedi.

¡empezamos! :cactuar:

It's easy to get discouraged and feel like your posts online don't make a ripple. I feel that way pretty often.

Imposter syndrome, feeling stuck, and self-hatred can sneak up.

But every now and then I notice that I'm making some genuine friendships and connecting with artists I've admired for years.

What you do does matter. Don't give up.

Hey I'm zero, welcome to my crib-

I work with PS5, usually draw OCs/RP group related, mythology, and game fanart.

Twitter @zerofinite_art

Smiling Maroo brings such joy in my life. Also this piece was fantaboulously hard to finish!
Tropical vibes too!

I'm kinda wary of the "federated" timeline lol I understand it's how to get in touch with people from other servers but there's just so much unfiltered stuff there, I avoid it most of the time.

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