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time for a new !
hi! my name is priya huq. i'm a texan bangladeshi in lenapehoking. i was born in the 80s.

i have a graphic novel out right now called "piece by piece" - more info here:

if you're new to mastodon, good luck and have fun! remember to support your server financially (if you can) so they can pay for everyone's image uploads.

I'm streaming ocarina of time on my gamerwitch channel!!

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I promise I will stop e-begging at y'all after I start a temp job in August, but trying to scrape together some money before then to survive. I don't expect to get the round $1000 I need but anything, even work opportunities would help a lot.

Even a couple hundo before the 10th would be a huge help because I have a big bill due and can't defer anymore.
Cashapp and venmo is xenocat

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Wanted to revisit a two years old piece to see how far I've got since then.

These are Taelon and Emyr, my OCs (he/him for both)

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i was noooot expecting this video this video to make me legitimately tear up but damn i think a lot of these things she talks about regarding her journey working to overcome her internalized ableism and suffering under societal ableism in the context of having

definitely worth watching bc i think everyone with ADHD needs to be reminded of the things she is talking about

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PS: I'm trying to only upload"low res" images to the server I'm on since there's so much more load!

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You’re finally awake
And then you find this cat staring at you
What would you do?
Cw: eye contact, body horror

stressful disabled thoughts (i'm okay) 

twitter is just- out for me. i know i'm not the only disabled artist feeling this shift and worrying right now -_-

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Hey, my friend is on her way to the ER, and she's pregnant, and I'm on the other side of the Atlantic, and can't do anything to help her from here, but maybe you all can help me help her for when she comes back home!

She's got a GoFundMe, and I'd like to surprise her with some extra support. 🙏

She's disabled like me, and that's how we became really good friends just connecting in all the troubles in our lives and baby stepping out way forward.

It would help her be able to pay rent and afford to stay safe for a little longer. If you can't donate, please boost.

@mutualaid #mutualAid

I'm teaching a class (or two) next week and I'm really excited

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