(pic 1) be careful with how many colors you use. there's no rule for how many colors is good, just think first before you add a new one to your palette.

think about how the colors look together, and how you can use them to pull focus.

(2) when there's a lot of extra objects, make sure their placement isn't distracting.

(3) prioritize your details. not every part of the drawing needs to be equally detailed, you can use simpler techniques on some areas.

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Honestly I haven't even gotten to play the game yet, I'm waiting on a physical copy, but I just love the designs so MUCH. ❤️

I need to stop messing with this stupid avatar, but it keeps bothering me. This is why you shouldn't colour things with night shift/f.lux stuff on.

made a new icon for myself of Boogy! <3
I proceeded to make both desktop and phone wallpaper versions of this for myself as well bc I just can :'D

check out the DA version for a clearer look! c:

begpost, but with bonus art 

Can anybody help a couple of queer, jobhunting moms keep their phones on so we can jobhunt and also safely traverse the city? It’s $86, any overfunding will go to groceries and gas. I can do cute watercolor doodles or stickers as a token of appreciation if you DM me 💖
$glamorshark for cashapp

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