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i don’t got paws but i fuck with the homies that do

all these memes about crowns for kings and queens. enough. when will we once more appreciate the humble jester

supper mario broth is the highest form of joke account. the genuine and extreme sincerety and mixture of normal posts balances out the weirdness so well.

and the dinner rating guy who i dont really watch

Boomers: "Millennials are killing the Golf Courses!"


bug illustration 

gamer aneurysm 

gamer aneurysm 

found a comic i doodled while i was packing and doodled some color on it

can an enby have some money for some weed for sleep and ptsd?

plzkthx. i'm broke all the time and it's not my fault. i hate living like this but i have no choice.

my pronouns are he/him, but i can’t afford proper nouns so my name is also he/him

@interneteh my gf just found this and it reminded me of this conversation. sex worker twitter is rife with communism.

bug illustration 

can anyone please point me to a foss program for converting RAWs for someone with no clue how to do it? 🙏

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