now that i have a larger hero pool, i'm flexing back onto mercy sometimes. the thing is, i've been playing moira, bap, zen, ana. so i have some new habits

two battle mercy vids :3c

inspired by a conversation, i did some testing and here's a rough estimate for trying to learn superjump + rezzing

rez range is 5m so i wanted to see what superjump was, i estimate 4m

my friends vid which features the bad hook glitch, and me valking into the train on busan lmao

i'm at work so i cant post the highlight but

i keep thinking about a qp busan game last night, recapping with my team, i'm ana playing with two friends. the team fight is messy and it's not clear who's gonna win it.

i turn to my moira friend and nano him, he's next to me, just a bit too far to damage and he panics and shouts like AHH WHAT?

i shout DO SOMETHING. KILL. so he ults. and gets play of the game. and we hold the point easy from there lmao

the whole game tracer was trying to kill me so i was looking for her thru this.. at the end the mcree went sombra to try to counter me too :3c

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