Starting the stream at

It's an all-nighter from a small lesbian Ljubljana club Monokel. We'll be rocking electronic beats till 5am CET.


number of copyright claims on the stream caused it to be interrupted and muted. This is new. Ok, bye bye YT regarding video streaming of dj sets. Back to diy self-hosted solutions. (our icecast server with opus/ogg works and was used already anyway). Yesterday's set was not that different from April one so not much is lost. Move on.

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@luka even if you weren't playing a set, i've seen multiple complaints from creators getting copyright claims from people who are spamming them on new streams/videos regardless of what music is or isnt on those videos. the videos the spammers claim to be stolen from are filled with comments from people who've been wrongly taken down. it's ridiculous

@presolace In short: system that is already abusive to artists is being abused.

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