need to start somewhere on suppliers and pricing for merch?

check out this awesome doc:

it's not comprehensive but it's super informative especially for beginners!

(creator George Rohac linked in the doc - cant see a link to a masto)

maybe i'll try to keep a thread for links to my fav advice or resources

here's a twitter thread on how to table - it's specifically about games at a busy con, but it has some good tips for a lot of situations

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twitter thread on ADHD management and how to handle difficult to complete tasks:

personally breaking down a problem just creates a smaller list of which idk where to start. enforcing the thought that 'if they all seem equal priority and can be done in any order, there is *no* negative consequence to picking one and doing it' helps a lot. reminding myself that if it's really not the right first step, doing it in order to figure that out is still helpful.

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