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need to fill 1, maybe 2 rooms in Lowell, MA. the second room we're not sure about yet but looking just in case.

- $300 rent, lease can be cancelled by the month
- utilities between 45 - 85
- on second floor, stairs only

this is masto but still wanna make it clear it's queer friendly

more details in thread

- has a patio
- bus stop across the street
- ~ .5 mile to Umass lowell, grocery + convenience stores, laundromat
- ~ 1 mile to 24/7 laundromat, train station, middlesex community college, downtown stores
- we have no laundry machine, we have a dishwasher
- AC no, heater yes, stove+oven yes
- house has a ton of dishes, tupperware, silverware, pots + pans for free use. NOT gluten free

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- the rooms are pretty small, you are welcome to use storage space elsewhere in the apartment, and the living room is never used so hang out in there as much as you want
- the rooms don't get a lot of air circulation so you might want a good fan and/or to leave the door open when you can
- doors have individual locks if security is your thing
- me and the other roommate are pretty quiet other than Real Gamer Hours or some music playing, but we're happy to discuss stuff

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- the landlord and downstairs neighbor suck a lot, the building manager is ok
- pretty sure the downstairs neighbor steals packages. if you get a lot the post office is ~1 mile if you need a PO box or to request signature/post office pick up
- weed is fine. no cigarette smoking or pets allowed inside, but we aren't snitches. if you smoke air out your room, and only small pets allowed inside in case neighbors would hear a dog/cat

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- landlord accepts cash or check, if you need to use cash. if you prefer check (which if you can you should just in case, he's weird) he will try to convince you to pay cash. none of us do so ignore him

that's all i can think of, dm me if you have any other questions!

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oh and
- the rent goes to landlord so you have to sign the lease. on move in he asks for first month, last month, security. if you move in midmonth you can pay just those weeks to us and we'll add it to our rent, so you can 'officially' move in on a full month and not lose money
- there's street parking or driveway parking, but the driveway is shared by a lot of folks so you may get asked to move your car if you park there around others schedules so i figure street parking is better for most

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