this week the games Meadow, Shelter, and Shelter 2 are on sale.

they are very beautiful games where you play as animals! shelter 1+2 are singleplayer, and meadow is an online multiplayer open world where you can meet others to help you explore. you only talk through emoting.

the playerbase of meadow is getting smaller and smaller, i feel like it's kinda destined for the server to close within the years, so if you want a unique experience def check it out before then


shelter 2 was also really fun but i always shout out meadow any chance i get, because i think it's such a special world, and i know how digital preservation, especially of online games go.

i have many other indie games i've played more, enjoyed in a typical videogame way more, but there's just something else completely about meadow that makes me want to get as many people to try it as possible

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