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Hear ye, hear ye, fediverse! :blob_rave:

With @milia we worked for a few days on a small web project and we are happy to share it with you today!

It's called Souvenir ~

The principle is simple: you can capture a few seconds of your camera and it generates a gif.
It's a mix between Polaroid and the magic photos from Harry Potter!

❖ Now let’s make souvenirs (and share them if you want 👀)

i get that it's cool that the person making a post gets the notifs for all the favs/retoots since it was their shit, but i want to know if my followers liked it! i retooted this for you because i love you!

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looks like you are trying to deface public property, would you like some help with that?

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Non-binary -is- trans!

Non-transitioning trans folks are trans!

The “trans” umbrella includes us, whether we are transitioning or not!

The middle stripe of the trans flag is -for- us!

The idea that it doesn’t include us is -exclusionary!-

(Though anybody can opt out of the label/community if they personally find that important)

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I also have a couple of these A4 size fine art prints of my cow painting for £12 each (GBP)

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I'd like to raise some money so I can help out a friend of mine - I have these originals for sale, prices plus postage :) The ruler for scale is in centimetres. Pitcher Plant, marker/pencil, £30. Green snake, marker/pencil, £40. Succulent, marker/pencil, £25. Pig, ink & watercolour, £45.

Boosts appreciated, Thank you <3

kink text, question, boosts welcome 

important food opinions 

important food opinions 

important food opinions 

natural like radiation
i am a giant
i am a skyscraper
with roots all through the earth
only bow to the pressures of time

fear me fear me fear me
tremble like i tremble

i am an earthquake
you are a forest fire

we do what we need to survive

played with my partner tonight and almost died on the way back to the outpost lmao (audio warning for screaming)

its a cyberpunk blog - btw, dont post frequently but im still proud of my color sorted posts

hate when you find the perfect picture for the aesthetic sideblog you still run despite the crumbling of tumblr, but they don't have an account there anymore and you don't repost artwork because you don't suck

ive done lil sketches but nothing big since on break from school. it's partially motivation/focus, but also being tired of churning out that much work and needing a recharge but ALSO

ive been making pretty bases in minecraft and rust and that's satisfying

cishets trying to figure out the appropriate response when i make a joke about being queer

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