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For ez reading, here's a toot thread of all the games i've made so far!

Starting with my first game, GAY FOREST SIMULATOR 2015! You collect firewood so you can have a lovely night with your girlfriend. Very short, simple, not much to it, really was just an experiment to try stuff out. Cute tho.

download to play here:

if you don't have the VX Ace runtime package, you'll need to download that here:

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πŸ’« gossamer πŸ’«
is out now

explore a glitched ghost town in my new walking sim @

started singing from my gut a lot better and im like dizzy

im still.. too shy to shout properly..

i wish i knew someone who does stick n pokes (at all) and would trade for a commission

i've been listening to black dresses almost constantly for the past 36 hours idk why i didnt listen to them earlier
it's so rare to find music that's not just amazing and you love and want to listen to a lot but also feels like literally important to your life

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kink joke 

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bottom text is when you open up your phone and see asddkfhshakdhd

thanks for reading my toot, goodnight

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Emergency post! I have waaay less money than I thought I did, but do have free time for the first time in months! I do these digitally, and provide them as such. 210x210mm, 300dpi, for personal use only.

πŸ–ŒοΈ With a background (like the pieces below) - Β£65
πŸ–ŒοΈ Full figures - Β£40
πŸ–ŒοΈ Busts - Β£30

I'll add some more CW'd examples too, but my insta is linked on my profile, there's a lot there. Boosts appreciated! πŸ’™

im gonna be boosting my game constantly for the next few days so enjoy that

today is a blasting black dresses day

oh and CATZ / the petz series. later on way affected by a lot of altgames makers which i think all swirled together into my mishmash of 90s kid-friendly aesthetic, along with my garage sale/thrift store vibes. it's weird because i want to make horror stuff and love horror stuff but i feel like my work isn't very influenced by it.

mine were:
- any sonic, later sonic adventure specifically
- barbie nail painter game thing
- rayman
- a kid-friendly game-maker game
- tamagotchi + furby
- boardgames esp candyland and clue
- freeware games like skiing and pinball, later on horny flash garbage like simgirl

of masto, what were the defining games of your childhood that you feel impacted what you make now?

feat. music from @luka and @Monplaisir, created using the mushy tiles by everest pipkin - a neural network generated tilepack, made from other open source tilesets. isn't that cool?

πŸ’« gossamer πŸ’«
is out now

explore a glitched ghost town in my new walking sim @

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If you've never had the chance to watch Moomin before, the original animated series is now available on YouTube! πŸ‘€ some countries are blocked, though. It feels so weird to hear this in English, who are they

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this is what i make when i want to feel confrontational.

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🌠 gossamer 🌠
releasing tomorrow

a walking sim made with the mushy tileset by everest pipkin, "neural network generated" tiles, which can be found here:

feat. music from @luka and @Monplaisir

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