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For ez reading, here's a toot thread of all the games i've made so far!

Starting with my first game, GAY FOREST SIMULATOR 2015! You collect firewood so you can have a lovely night with your girlfriend. Very short, simple, not much to it, really was just an experiment to try stuff out. Cute tho.

download to play here:

if you don't have the VX Ace runtime package, you'll need to download that here:

I'm a bigfoot truther in that I know that bigfoot actually has very tiny lil' feetsies

selfie ec,
my cameras front phone was broke but it randomly shook back into focus, nice


the only fast food crap i really like is mcdonalds and the closest one is out of my area for chores

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every time i break down and buy one it is not worth it in any way

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i'm not gonna get some but i feel immense shame over how hard im craving 7-11 taquitos rn

its only because there's like a million 711s here

im gay in the same way that olive garden is an italian restaurant: not literally, but c’mon

hey frens!! bandcamp are waiving their revenue share again. if you're considering buying our EP today is the day to do it!!

only if you have spare cash obvs. otherwise listen on spotify or download from bandcamp for free ✨

i can't stop it all from happening constantly and people from being violent shitheads but i can be myself in various spaces with folks i like and i love that. closed spaces are good

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existing in various smaller communities and irl and with friends and divesting as much as possible from the totality of crushing whiteness and straightness and capitalism is extremely good and healthy

whites should make a white ally version of myass and playviscious just so it has a horrible name that's embarrassing to say like or something

It’s with a heavy heart that I’m announcing my departure from this website.

I’ve signed up to the McDonald’s App available on iOS and Android. There’s daily deals all week and maybe follow me on there if you want, for now—but you don’t have to.

all public restrooms everywhere forever, free and sanitary

Image from page 326 of "Agricultural grasses and forage plants of the United States; and such foreign kinds as have been introduced" (1889)

learning about leftism is so great because it combines my two favorite things: learning and leftism

so we all know autistic and adhd people have certain issues with our senses but nobody ever talks about how much visual pollution can affect us

and I'm not talking mess, I'm talking lots of different contrasting colors and eye catching details everywhere and awkward shadows and transparency

just so many things that are just asking to be looked at and????? I dont want it

a thousand generations live in you, i whisper to the load i just blasted into the toilet right before flushing it

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