so. hello, new followers! I was a bit intimidated by my followercount going up by about 1/6 after @FediFollows boosted me, so to mitigate my intimidatedness (which is a real word, probably!) I made a doodle thingy based on your avatars. sorry people with photos, you'll probably not recognize yourselves, but I promise I tried :D

* brian eno - taking tiger mountain (by strategy) as suggested by @ernstd
* primus - frizzle fry as chosen by me

@posiputt @FediFollows @ernstd

Oh wow, that's brilliant! Can recognise one or two familiar faces in there!



Umm... I can't remember people's names, but from notifications some avatars come up quite a lot.

The robot for example? And the bearded guy in the photo staring at the camera?

@FediThing ah yes, I didn't think of that :D no marking accounts like on IG here!


It's more fun this way though, people looking to see if they're there :)


Is that a tiny little house on top of the house by the way?

@FediThing yes. someone has a little house with a palm tree as an avatar :D

@posiputt Primus Sucks!! Love them, I got to see them play a few years ago. Les Claypool is why I picked up the bass guitar.

@thedaemon are you as good as him now? I honestly haven't even heard much from them except frizzle fry. and I have to be in the mood!

@posiputt I am not as good as him lol Sailing the Seas of Cheese is similar to Frizzle Fry. I also like Brown Album, it's different. Cheers! :flan_dalf:

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