Ok I added a mastodon emoji pack (patreon link but the post is public) (thanks @starfall )

They are 193 pictures so be careful, on mobile a lot of emoji can make the emoji picker slooow. ^^'

This should work (I hope).
Also thank you @siina , I used your filenames.

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Also this is hackish, I should have rerendered the PNGs from the SVGs at the bigger size possible with the 50kb constraint.
Buut I just resized the pictures with the correct names (I mean, it's one single imagemagick command, and I'm lazy). ^^'

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@pollomostro @starfall you're very welcome! If there's other stuff I can do lemme know

@pollomostro @starfall @siina is it possible to use this pack for Signal? it's so cute!

@siina @steko
Another person was making it, I dunno if he has given up (I think that the pictures have to be added one by one?). ^^'

@pollomostro @steko They can be batch-added. Iā€™ve made packs before. :)

@siina @steko
Thank you. ^^

Ahah, you two are luckier than me.
I tried (without being too pushy ^^' ) to convince friends to use signal (well I also tried to convince them to use xmpp) but I end up talking to myself.

@pollomostro @siina I have 3 contacts that I use Signal with, to be honest. As you say it's really difficult to convince friends without being too pushy. But I think peer pressure is very effective... with stickers of course!

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