Ok, I uploaded the green pattern on redBubble but prices there are really high (and I don't guarantee for quality, ok?)

All this pictures are under a CC license so you are allowed to print them yourself.
Patreon link for the files (the post is public):

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@pollomostro and anyone reading this thread...

Caution/question: Does anyone have any experience with RedBubble? I ordered a T-shirt from them once. The design faded after a couple of washes. They weren't interested in refunding my money. So that's two strikes against them.

Anyone have a different experience? Better yet, does anyone know of a better company that can produce quality one-off products like this?

@Photorat @pollomostro
I have used Cafe Press for a decade, and my users are always trilled with the products. I own several of my own shirts that are holding up quite well.

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