"Hey human friend, let's go on an adventure"

🔲 yes;
🔲 yes, trust the bunny, always trust the bunny;
🔲 I can't make polls with attachments just write whatever you want;
🔲 yes.

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I'm gonna post 1 or 2 pictures a day.
Also, sorry Pisans but if you are in a photo you are going to be substituted with a furry character.

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Ok it's 200x again and that's a low effort story that I'm just improvising.

You feel that you can trust the bunny and you follow them. On the left you hear a violin and a trumpet, maybe there is a music school. On the right there is a dark alley.
Bunny lost one of their eyes but no problem, it seems a piece of paper.
Bunny: "Oookay human friend, we have to... we have to save the human princess? Do you still have princess? And she is in this dark alley, follow me".

What do you do, human friend?

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October story again.

You follow the fluffy Bunny; the place is humid and becomes darker and darker. You hear someone... no, you hear something screaming in the distance.
"Do not worry human friend, that's just a weird echo," says Bunny, "the human princess is near. You go first, I will follow you".

What do you do, human friend?

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Someone should make this an Augmented Reality / mistery game.
You follow the bunny across the city, and depending on what choices you make, the story takes you to different places and takes different turns.
So that every gameplay is different.

Loved these btw, pure genius + adorable art!

I'd follow bunny to the gates of hell and back 😉

Thank you.
Some years ago I tried to make a visual novel but I lost interest halfway. ^^'

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