It's already colder here. It's time for hot cocoa. ^<^

@pollomostro For the love of Heaven, please tell me this is available as a cotton fabric.

It is not but I'm gonna release the original file under a creative commons license (just wait a day or 2 since I'm probably going to draw something similar) so you can print it, if you want.

@pollomostro I want to make myself a dress with this pattern 😍

You can do, but please post pictures if you make one. ;)
Just wait a day or 2 (I need to post the original png, this one is a lossy jpg).

@pollomostro I still need to learn to sew better, but I'll make a fabric out of it and create something, it is really cute 😍

@pollomostro This is fabulous.

I was thinking gift wrap. Or maybe bind a notebook in it. There's got to be something I can do with it.

BTW, autumn is already here, and it came too soon ☹️.

Thank you. ^^

I'm not complaining but I admit that the temperature dropped a little too fast here. ^^'

@pollomostro You are so very talented! I'll say good-night and sleep well, since it's likely time soon for you.

@pollomostro these are so stinkin cute!! love the use of different fruits

@pollomostro Whoa! What a freaky looking chicken! It reminds me of my Aunt Edna.

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