Mh, I think that I finally find the right settings to make the brush that I want in

Now, I have to draw decent brush icons if I want to distribute them... Bleh.

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@GoatsLive @onelastsketch

They are similar to the ones made by Dieterle (that are here: )
They don't work in the stable version.

The nice thing is that there is a new (just 2 days ago) pre-release:

@pollomostro I guess you're happy with ? It looks good. It doesn't run well on the Mac. I have Ubuntu in a VM. I could try running it in that.

The main problem is I have a 950P, which I regret buying. It has caused every other drawing program to not only crash, but then become corrupted so it won't even launch! Huion tech support is worthless.

Somebody in the MyPaint forum is having Huion problems there.

I guess I have to buy a , which I can't afford right now.

Yeah. I used that program for years and it's nice seeing that is not abandoned.

Yes, I saw that thread, and other people having problems with other programs.
I had some hope for huion on linux machines but maybe I was a little too optimistic.

@pollomostro Good news for me. I checked Huion's website. They have a newer version of the driver! I downloaded it and reinstalled Autodesk Sketchbook. So far, so good! It looks like I finally have a graphics tablet again.

I'm actually a terrible artist, so don't look for too many drawings from me.

@pollomostro thank you for sharing, i can't wait to experiment with them

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