Someone want to draw some exquisite corpse in comic form? :3

Let's say 2 or 3 panels, with really simple black and white drawings to let participate people that usually don't draw?
Something that doesn't take more than 5 minutes per person.

I'm not linking the wikipedia article that explains it because the preview is nsfw (it's just some breast, whatevs).

Also not responding in the next hous, since it's really late. Goodnight. ^^

Rules 1/2

Ok, I'm waiting until tomorrow, if someone else want to join us.
To keep things simple it should be a comic strip (first person decides if it's vertical or horizontal).
Each person can look only at the previous person's panels.
Since it's just a game, posting the images hidden should be enough, without using DM.
48 hours max between each contribution or the next one can start to draw.

Order decided with this ā†“ super technological method.

@David_A_Webcomic @pentaro
Rules 2/2
Drawings should be really simple (stick figures or a little bit more complex). The last person is free to draw in the style that they want.
Digital or pen and paper, everything is fine.

Since some servers block others, check if you can see the previous person posts.

Let's keep things suitable for minors.

That's all, I think. ^^


Done, @pentaro is next. ^^
@David_A_Webcomic please don't look. :D
And other people, don't comment. ^^

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