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People with visual impairment, when posting little comics with a punchline, what do you prefer in the alt text?

A) a description that tries to be faithful and accurate (without being too verbose if possible)
B) an adaptation, not necessary faithful, that tries to preserve the punchline and/or the comic timing (not always possible, but I can try)

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@pollomostro With character limitations it's difficult to choose one, especially as a lot of comics rely on visual puns to convey their message. Explain xkcd (explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php) has some of the best comics transcriptions I've seen. They follow A.

@pollomostro But don't feel too bad about not being able to describe comics accurately, it's still an experimental area. I've met a blind researcher who is writing his thesis exactly about that and he admits it's a difficult task.

@pollomostro Depends on the specific nature of the comic, but I prefer to use A whenever possible and give ample room for the reader’s imagination

@pollomostro As an aside, although I’m not “impaired” in the conventional sense, I’m losing useful resolution of detail so I like to zoom in whenever possible

To that end, the rise of high resolution art has been most welcome

@pollomostro this is just my preference of course, but for what it's worth I don't usually read alt text. I zoom images and sometimes use a magnifying glass on top of that. if I stop can't read the text I skip it. I tend to skip most images without bothering, because more often than not I can't read them. 1/2

@pollomostro so if I could offer any advice that I think might help me, it'd be to select images with text you think will be readable. very small text, pixelated text, low contrast (this gray on white thing people like to do), certain colors on other colors (red text on black background and blue text on white background are hard for me to read; color blind folks have different constraints) all are tough. 2/2

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Thank you kindly.
OK, I thought that B was better but I'm going for A when possible.

The "explain xkcd" example charmingly goes to the point; I doubt as a non native English speaker that I can be so concise but, oh well, traduttore traditore, translator: traitor.

Push the contrast in speech bubbles for old comics and big readable text for new ones.
Mental note: check the desaturated images, that's a thing that I always forget to do.

@pollomostro I'm not visually impaired so that's a bit off-topic but I love poems as alternative text. ;) Like on Things in Squares: thingsinsquares.com/

Those are really nice but outside of my league (English is not my native language). ^^'