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Avete presente quando fate una festa e la vecchina del piano di sopra vi tira l'acqua addosso?

In questo momento vorrei tanto, tanto essere quella vecchina.

Sono un disco rotto ma: non si tocca un animale che non si conosce prima di accertarsi che accetta il contatto.

Riesco a portare il mio cane in un posto dove aveva avuto una crisi epilettica (e non voleva più andarci) ed una "coccolatrice a tradimento" me la spaventa.
Forse devo ricominciare tutto da capo.

Insomma, non è una regola astrusa, è spirito di sopravvivenza. Alla fine mordo io.

I went from "never mute anybody" to "this person has uninformed opinions about cooking/dogs/toothpick art: mute, mute, mute".

Before joining fedi I usually wrote in Italian on the internet (excluding technical stuff).
At first I tried to write everything correctly and I was really self conscious about my mediocre English. Now as long as is understandable, I don't care at all. Sorry. ^^'

Naaah, not sorry.

I failed at drawing a pic everyday with inkscape.
I release them under a cc license (also included some old pic)
Patreon link but public post

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Brother. Published with his permission, obv.
I missed the better ones, when the air was more humid. >_<

bad 'cause it doesn't resemble the person. Good enough 'cause everything is were it should be. ^^'
That's alright for now.

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This August is going to be: live in the garage and paint.

The drawing, it's bad but it's also good enough. ^^'

Una bambina dotata, una vecchia risaia appassita.

Tisanina alla melissa e passa la paura.

Since I didn't see any errors, I added the last ones to the emoji pack. If there are problems, please tell me. ^^'

200 chicks, creative commons license, patreon link but public post ^^

I'm gonna mirror it someday.

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Creative professions are deeply undervalued. Artists, writers, and all kinds of creatives are underpaid. People shamelessly steal their work and treat it like a disposable commodity. People act as if it just magically appeared one day and don't bother to credit whoever made it.

Ironically, people everywhere keep trying to use that same work to make money, without having done any of the work themselves.

Our society dismisses creators while voraciously consuming the things they create.

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OK, that's chick number 200. Please wait a day for the mastodon pack.
Also I should upload them somewhere else (they are only on patreon, if I remember correctly). Tomorrow. 💤

I trimmed my dog fur because this is going to make the next vet visit faster.

She weighs 15kg. uh, considering all the fur that I cut...
...I believe that I never owned a dog, just a lot of hair.

"Hey, can you cut this single strand of hair near my nape?"
"Oh, sure".
"Thank you very mu-"
*cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut...*

I think that my family made more than 100 masks now (I only did 1% of the work ^^'). Obviously they were distributed to family and friends.

I cowardly put this unlisted because there's always at least one child hater materializing from aether.

Same thing for discussing why I don't want kids: some people don't understand that you can like them AND don't want them. 🤷

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