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Do you want a digital portrait of you pet or your human? Your human pet? Something else entirely?
Hey, I draw for money (or food if you can teleport it).
open, DM me for info, only sfw.

Patreon link:

Ko-fi donations:

two speedpaints i tried to do with no refs. feel free to critique or w/e
water..... hard....
20 min and 40 min

Yo would anyone be interested in making an exquisite corpse comic?
Like, you see the last panel someone made and draw one, the next person draws a panel after having only seen your panel, and so on and so forth

you don't need to know how to draw for this

Wendy Carlos is well known for her soundtracks (tron, a clockwork orange) and Switched on Bach, but the work that I prefer is the rather obscure (in Italy, at least) Beauty in the Beast.
Some tracks use microtonal scales created by her (equal subdivision of the perfect fifth in 9 and 11 steps) and they feel pretty natural.

So, I dunno, if you can't listen to the album: improvising something in these scales is already pretty fun. :)

Why did Samuel Pepys write about his escapades like that?
That doesn't effectively hide anything.
So, why?

, what a sweet idea! I love using different styles.

Here are four older |s of mine, which I haven't posted yet, with different styles! Two painted with gouache, two with copics.

ove the idea on Twitter. I have a bit more, so here part 1 :)
1 Dream of the Moon, acrylic painting on paper
2 Dance, monotype
3 Marylin, acrylic on paper
4 Red hair, fiber art

Some features in Krita are like really underrated. For example transform mask, I don't know if any other application has it. What this feature gives you, is the ability to copy the exact transformation like a filter to another layer

Here is a feature request for that same feature on photoshop's feedback portal -

Don't know if they implemented it or not.

And small things like these that makes krita great

The patterns in this post and in the previous one are here (public post, creative commons licensed):

I need money to cover medical expenses, so if you can help or just boost it'd be awesome!
- here's my shop:
- or my tip jar:
Thanks a lot 💙

Some more pet doodles I've worked on this last week.

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