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Happened some months ago to my mother, really a nice surprise.
On a happy note: there was a piece of paper with contact informations and no one got hurt. ^^

Last boost: Finally, it's OUT THERE IN THE WILD! I created an intro illustration for tabletop.social ! It was so much fun to work on and I'm really grateful for the opportunity. <3

Definitely check out the instance if tabletop games are your jam!!

Self portrait.
The skin should be darker but if I paint the hair like that it doesn't feel right, and if I paint the hairs darker they seem like a big amorphous shape.
Let's say that there is a lot of light or that I didn't go out for two weeks. :/

Drawing of a and one drawn BY that chipmunk.
If I may give an interpretation (I know the artist quite well): I think that the red shape on the left represents rage while the shape on the right represents rage. The white background, on the other hand, represents rage.

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#dailysketchchallenge entry on the topic 'POWER' (cw somehow brutal possibly triggering)

Portrait of a .
Whatever she sees, it's only in her brain.
Today the real dog is actually pretty happy 'cause a family member returned home.
Made in
open: commiss.io/pollomostro

Thanks, all of you are really kind. ^^
I wasn't the patient. Everything went well. :)

I'm sorry because I'm recycling ideas and the quality is even worse than yesterday. I'm genuinely tired.
Something, something hospital, something, something not me, nothing serious. ^^'

I'm a stubborn woman, that's why I spent the whole day painting today's

Change, but actually not.
Something for Mother's day.

The fictional and real lives of a Siberian .
I'm not trying to make a statement: mr Coda Corta was adopted and he is an allochthonous animal here were I live.
Also if you want a portrait of your pet: commiss.io/pollomostro

Something done really, really quick for
People that have a job always wear neckties and hats, right?
I have forgotten.
Goodnight friends and strangers.^^

Never late, always in tune with the current zeitgeist: your contemporary social commentary.

I'm not good at taking photos but I like this one.