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Do you want a digital portrait of you pet or your human? Your human pet? Something else entirely?
Hey, I draw for money (or food if you can teleport it).
open, DM me for info, only sfw.

Patreon link:

Ko-fi donations:

Illness season! ^^
Joking, every season is illness season.

I'm sorry for the people that followed me for my realistic drawings (ahah, not really).

Today is Wendy Carlos's 80th birthday!

She is a pioneer of electronic music, best known for composing the score of TRON (1982) and for her ground-breaking album, "Switched-On Bach" (1968.) In 1978, she came out publicly as a transgender woman, one of the few public figures to do so at the time.

If you enjoy electronic music today, you can thank Wendy Carlos!

Check out this BBC interview from '89:

Phone doodle of dog.
Goodnight. ^^
Sogni d'oro.
සුභ රාත්‍රියක්

furry art, sfw, eye contact 

Here's the finished treescape in my tan notebook from Fairmount Park


‪My dog needs surgery very soon, so I’m offering commishes at a big discount to offset the cost, (including tattoo design commissions!) nab one while they last! ‬

‪Signal boosting would be appreciated!‬

‪✨ ✨‬

Then he has hidden the pieces somewhere in my room. But I only found other seeds. :(

Following the experience of the last days, some users of my Instance are writing an 'Introduction to Mastodon' for new users.

The work is just at his initial stage but comments and suggestions are welcomed.

We are expecially interested to hear comments from brand new usrrs to understand if those instructions are effectively useful or certain things could be explained better in other ways.



🇮🇹 L’artiste italien Pier Paolo Spinazzè (alias Cibo) recouvre les graffitis fascistes de sa ville de Vérone avec des représentations d’aliments "typiquement" italiens
(en italien, sous-titres en anglais)

il reçoit couramment des menaces de mort, récemment on a fait sauter sa voiture


food, misinformation 

'Morning fediverse.
It's still morning for a couple of minutes here. ^^'

LB, new users, @Ca_Gi is patiently writing everything (and more) to explain how mastodon (and other fedi software) works.
The technical aspects, the social ones, everything. ^^
It's a really long thread but it's exactly what I wanted when I was a new user years ago.

Re-linking it for convenience:

Welcome to all the people from India that are joining Mastodon in these days!!

#india #introductions and #followindia can be helpful hashtags to find other people just arrived here like you.

We understand that you are still unconfident with this platform, therefore here you will find some helpful tips to better understand how #Mastodon works:

- There is no such thing as "A" social network called Mastodon! Instead there are thousands of independent social networks called Mastodon Instances.
- Every Instance has his own server, community, rules, admins and moderation.
- Every Instance can interact with users that are on other Instances, exactly like email works (you can send an email from gmail to yahoo, right?).
- Every Instance can choose to silence or completely block another Instance (i.e. because permits bad behaviour)

Lots of Indian people, welcome. ^^

There are lots of servers with different rules and communities, if you choose the wrong one for you, don't worry, you can make another account somewhere else.

A lot of people needs some time to find the right home for them. ^^

I personally think that small ones are the best since everybody knows each other. This one ( is big but it has a strong topic so it's fine too for me. ^^

Sorry for the latin alphabet in the pic, I can't write in Tamil ^^'

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