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Hi, I draw animals, landscapes and random things. I mainly use open source software.
I am an Italian thirty-something; I have a dog and I'm the caretaker of a chipmunk.

If you like my art you can support me at:

Commission open, if you want a drawing of your pet or an avatar:

I’m excited to make a big announcement!

I am launching a Patreon, where you can support my work and see more of it. The official launch will be January 23, one week from today!

If you like what I do and want to support me so I can keep creating, and if you want exclusive access to my art and process, you’ll want to check this out!

The Patreon page will also be a community for learning and inspiration through a private Discord Server. Anyone will be able to ask me about my process there. mascot fanart, coloured like @ScribbleAddict original and with pastel colours.

Made in

"We tend to define racism in a way that will not implicate our own views or ideas. “I think people define racism in a way that exonerates them. If they can narrow [the definition of racism] as much as possible to things they are not saying or doing or are about, that leaves them off the hook,”

Hey everyone, my wife and I are starting a new side project shooting reference photos for creators. You can check them out at

There's tons of free stuff as well as our first paid pack. All proceeds will go back into funding more cool shoots like this one.

Thanks for being awesome. <3

Warning: Video with sound.
He is not in hibernation, but he is preparing his house. The paper tissue was stolen from my hands. Didn't even bother to take it back since I am way below in the hierarchy ^^' (and it's a better burrow bedding than some crap sold at pet stores).

Playing with brushes settings in using my favourite subject.

Goodnight, sogni d'oro.

I forgot a "t", oh well...

Before having one that sleeps with her eyes open, I didn't realize that dogs have a third eyelid.

Throwback to when I caught her mid-shed. She's wearing a little Gecko hoodie! #MastoGeckos #CrestedGecko #CorrelophusCiliatus #Gecko #Crestie #Lizard #Reptile #Pet #Pets #MastoPets​

Paese da incubo.

E fra parentesi, chi ciancia sul rispetto dell'arma dovrebbe essere il primo a chiedere punizioni esemplari, invece di parlar di mele marce e far finta di scordarsi la fine del proverbio.

Speaking of DIY skills and such, I think soap and bread are two of the top "it's easier* than it sounds" things you can make and enjoy a direct, material benefit from.

For example, I used to think you needed a bread machine to make bread. Then I realized, "That can't be right. People have made bread for thousands of years."

I think the process of making things like that has become kind of obscured from us in modern life. But you really can just go out and Make A Thing.

Super Pig. I didn't intend to draw a pig but I had to admit it was, and then paint it pink.

Also, if anyone's interested in digging into some real stuff, look for a copy of, "Back to Basics: How to Learn and Enjoy Traditional American Skills."

The book covers things like:
building a home, solar & wind power, raising livestock & gardening, preserving food, metalwork, drying flowers, dyes, quilting, scrimshaw

Some of the advice in the book (like growing seasons) is specific to the continental US, but I think there's plenty that folks in other regions could get out of it, too.

He is preparing his burrow. At the end of hibernation it's really compact, it resemble a cinder block.

If you want a pet portrait, commissions are open:

Another panel, the coronation.
Screenshots: #b3d (Eevee+Greasepencil) and #krita (paint-over).

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