Trying to cross the road alone: some cars stop, some do not.

Trying to cross the road with a little kid: same thing.

Trying to cross the road with a dog? Suddenly you are Moses at the red sea.

God dog.

Can anyone recommend good examples of responsive web comics? It strikes me as really interesting new territory.

also it's the nostalgia talking
1 🐶 Good old Puppy
2 🐶
3 🐶
4 🐶
5 🐶
∞+1 Debian/Ubuntu whatever, I don't care anymore

Goodnight, sweet dreams. ^^
And a horrible equinox related pun for Italian speakers.

Made with

Hidden to the world by the direct message scope, I think that variations of "thank you" are my most frequent messages.
So I say a meta thank you, .art and other parts of the fediverse. ◠<◠
And here I stop, before the need to be grumpy resurfaces.


Like, look at this, it is the cutest show for preschoolers >_<
And it is really sweet, yes, but there isn't saccharine poisoning.

The cartoon is a stop-motion series made with cotton.

සුභ රාත්‍රියක්
Goodnight, tzag. ^^
Sogni d'oro.

By the way, if you are a tourist in Pisa when they do concerts in churches even if you don't have a ticket ask around, half the times there is someone with a spare one and they aren't nominative (dunno if "nominative" is the correct word). ^^'

The acoustic in same places (like the cathedral near the lining tower) is not great, but whatever: they are beautiful locations.

Tonight they are gonna play Verdi's requiem (and Gardiner is the director) but I can't go to the concert, still too feverish. T_T
Pat my head, in exchange I give you this 4 scribbles.

...continued from previous post

Cat wants to continue with their activities but Dog stops her because Cat is a mess, and still in her underwear the whole time.

Some terrible words are uttered like "you smell", "sleepy head" and "poopoodog".

Cat apologizes and go to sleep. The next day Dog makes her breakfast.
The end.

Previous post's summary:

Sleepy Puppy sleeps and sleeps and he's always tired.

Purfect Cat wakes him and says "the world doesn't wait for people in their underwear".
They do a bunch of things like climb a mountain, hang glide, work in their office, swim in a lake.


Storia in
I am a little feverish so please forgive me for not giving a proper translation nor a Image description for this story that I masterfully written and illustrated.
A summary in the next post.

You encounter something in a parking lot one night.

Self portrait, making stupid expression.
I overdid it and didn't save backups to return at a simpler state. .-.

Devo disegnare qualcosa del nostro stivale per una mostra, qualsiasi cosa ma mi volevo orientare sul cibo (va' che strano).
Dato che il tempo non è molto e faccio ancora schifo coi colori nelle tecniche tradizionali... suggerimenti per un soggetto in bianco e nero? Magari qualcosa non toscano, che me lo cucino pure? XD

Old man yells at cloud but she's actually a woman yelling at this decade's cartoons Show more

Old man yells at cloud but she's actually a woman yelling at this decade's cartoons Show more

Oh look it's... it's someone, I guess? More importantly there is a dog!

Please ignore the messy house.

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