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So things happened and, oh well, if you want a digital portrait of your for 35$ you can ask me.

Pretty sure that this isn't a good dog.
Maybe he's a snake, dunno.

I realized 2 seconds before posting that my last drawing was a dark mess (you got the correct version).
This is probably obvious for professionals and art students but we have a bunch of fancy tools to check these errors, so, mental note for me: use them. Histograms and the most useful one: the eye after not looking at the evil screen for five minutes. :/

Walk through the wood.
I hate drawing trees, why am I drawing trees?

Made with , colour correction in .

I will be in Italy - in province of Marche, near Ancona - for a week at the end of this month ~22-29/7.

Anyone knows anyone in the electronic music/sound/noise scene around there that I could meet, merch-swap? I could also play a gig if there's interest.

Autonomous spaces, artist-run galleries, hacktivists, pacifists, art lovers...?

dug this up while backing up my hard drive- my first horror comic from 2011 [1/2] (bodyhorror)

Sunrise, sunset.

I used a drone to capture these images. Each is a composite, made from 9 images.

#drone #photography #sunrise #sunset #brisbane #queensland #australia

I'd like to see patronage of arts to be normalized as an ethical standard of civilized life. Like it's completely normal to stop on a red light - it's not because you feel sorry for those who are waiting to cross the street, but because it's normal, an agreed practice, a rule.

Every time I see an artist posting their patreon page asking for support because they can't make ends meet I feel sick because that person has to beg in this way. Then motivation for patronage has a color of pityness.

People with visual impairment, when posting little comics with a punchline, what do you prefer in the alt text?

A) a description that tries to be faithful and accurate (without being too verbose if possible)
B) an adaptation, not necessary faithful, that tries to preserve the punchline and/or the comic timing (not always possible, but I can try)

Taking a break from uploading characters while I work on developing some new ones, so instead here are some small fantasy landscapes I had a lot of fun playing around with recently.

Maybe I already posted this but whatever...
He throws waste outside his cage and he is really clean and meticulous.

He also tossed things at me but I think that it's a coincidence.

This place doesn't exist but there is a beautiful seafront terrace in Livorno, Italy.

I prefer the summer when it's more similar to the one evoked by Vivaldi.

Oh dear, I forgot that automatic translators exists and that calling adults "kids" is OK where I live but condescending in a lot of languages. 0_0'
This wasn't my intention, pardon.

Goodnight (and thanks for the boosts).
Quick phone scribble.
Buonanotte bimbi belli. Zzzzh

Image hidden because she is naked but this picture is quite the opposite of sexy.
Also a bunch of demons, most of them are naked too.

So things happened and, oh well, if you want a digital portrait of your for 35$ you can ask me.