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Do you want a digital portrait of you pet or your human? Your human pet? Something else entirely?
Hey, I draw for money (or food if you can teleport it).
open, DM me for info, only sfw.

Patreon link:

Ko-fi donations:

Done (patreon but public post):
Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

For the flag ones, feel free to ask if you want other ones.

I can do other modification if you are a patreon or for 💸 . Or you can modify them or ask somebody else to do that: the license allows it.

If someone use them please let me know, it makes me happier. ^^

It's called Pulcino Gelsomino, Jasmine the Chick.

open btw

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Patsy, our goat-pen chicken, runs to get her afternoon cookie! #chicken

Pugs are going up in the shop tomorrow morning. Gonna cautiously try a little made-to-order.

If you use the coupon MASTOPUGS, you'll get 20% off through the end of May.

Goodnight phone scribble. ^^

🥕 They aren't good for them.🐰

I'm gonna release them with a cc by-sa 4.0 license after some corrections. Target is 64~ pictures.

On patreon a preview of them:

Feel free to make suggestions for other ones in this set (but I'm gonna consider the ones from people that pay me first, since I'm a venal monster).

open btw.

I do some tuition for kids in high schools.
When I was their age (in Italy, late '90s, early '00s ) , we had <20~ hours total of, I don't remember, basic, pascal? during math hours.

Now they have a teacher for computer science, they learn about Von Neumann architecture, some c++ or c# some sql...

Better right?

But I saw one of these kid (no problem with you V. that's our fault) typing upper-case letters with -> caps lock, letter, caps lock...

We are building a house without foundation...

@pollomostro yes indeed. It ended up prettier than I had figured.

I mean, it's still pretty lumpy, but it's round enough to play with, and pretty enough for me to end up playing with it for bit when finishing it, which is a good sign :p

I hoe my nephew will like it too. Given that it can be put into the laundry, I am pretty sure his parents will appreciate it, at the least :p

I am an unemployed, disabled artist who can't qualify for any benefits and only make $$ with art, my car is undrivable atm & its $300 to fix, I make $150 a month from commissions... 😱I need moneies
All of my links to support me can be found ✨✨


15 days before I lose my farm. $1200 to raise. #Chainmail votive candle lantern, phosphor bronze and stainless steel. Asking $150, will take best offer plus shipping. or$tarlimanjoppos #maille #light #candle #bronze #art #mastoart Please Boost

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