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Hi, I draw animals, landscapes and random things. I mainly use open source software.
I am an Italian thirty-something; I have a dog and I'm the caretaker of a chipmunk.

If you like my art you can support me at:

Commission open, if you want a drawing of your pet or an avatar:

It's partially in the shadow but the only logical conclusion is that it's a six legged creature.

!! B&W, digital, only $10. Art in the style of the shark people is $20. Send inquiries to , I'll need a description and photo ref if applicable, plus time. Blank, abstract, simple, and fill available as background options. $5 for each additional character. My traditional ink art is also $20-$30.

I made a tutorial with lots of pictures on how to use Masking Fluid for watercolour a while back, and I just posted it to my website's blog for easy reference.

Take a look:

I'm hoping to do more beginner watercolour tutorials in the future! Let me know if there's a topic you'd be interested in me tackling. :)

#Watercolour #Watercolor #Aquarelle #Painting #WatercolorPainting #Tutorial #PaintingTutorial #WatercolorTutorial #ArtTips #HowTo #MaskingFluid #MastoArt

Goodnight scribble ^^
Or good morning scribble, if you are somewhere far away. ^^

As I feared there where woodboring beetles. I guess that treatment costed too much for that old piano.
Still nice that it was played until the end ^^ (by the ones that took it for the last trip).

for this months reddit blender contest: weird birds kung-fu fighting

RIP piano left in the streets.
Lots of people wanted it but I guess that no one found a way to take it home in such short timeframe.
It wasn't in good condition and a pedal was missing but it sounded better than mine. :(

Goodnight .art, goodnight fediverse. ^^

Laccaria amethystina, commonly known as the Amethyst Deceiver, photo by Eric Balcon

I was sad for the eyeball guy, since I mercilessly cut him of the previous drawing, so I give him a cup of tea and some peace of mind.

Redoing yesterday thing. Kind off. Without the little eyeball guy.

Random doodle.
I think that it's too abstract to be considered body horror but whatever, I hide it.


For this year's Inktober I made an 8-page mini-comic a few panels a day. A buddy described it as "Constantine meets Hello Kitty," and here are pages 1-4.

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'The Deleted City', digital archaeology Show more

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