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My failures at producing an image that is readable when small and it's a hug.

🤗 ⬅️ This thing is not a hug. This thing is "I'm gonna push you off a cliff".


Some other chicks
The older ones are here: (public post, creative commons license).

The new ones are here: (not a public post since they are still a WIP).

Argh, it's late, goodnight. ^^

If you're not looking over the shoulder of an artist right while they are creating it, the work was somehow *selected*. Often by gatekeepers who are more likely to let one kind of person pass (whom they expect to be successful?), while they hold others back. And of course, if you see art on the web, probably by algorithms that pushed some art and held other art down, by selecting one website and not another one. And then of course: By the artist themselves.

Mentre ero via il cane si è impadronito di tutti i letti ma almeno ha imparato a dormire sopra le coperte. Perciò se vuole andare a nanna mi chiama per fare il letto (di solito lo farei prima di coricarmi).

Non solo mia madre o mio fratello, adesso pure il cane si lagna per come faccio schifo con le faccende di casa. ^^'

සුභ රාත්‍රියක් sogni d'oro.

Something stylized.
Bunny and Chick, somewhere in North America, I guess.

‪Did you know that my birthday is coming up by the end of the month? Toss a coin to your goblin over on :patreon: and help me reach my next milestone goal before then! ‬


Day 13 of - Folklore.

I chose the Bavarian "Nachtgiger", a chicken creature that eats children who dare to play on the streets after 10 PM. The Nachtgiger can't enter houses, so children who return home in time are safe.

Landscape with a small couple 🐰 🐥

MyPaint is in beta (old news but I saw that recently).

OKAY I am heckin damn poor, so I will continue and keep opening commission for a while! Orders other than icons are also possible!!!! If you want to know the price and variation details, please email me. mail address is ""⠀

La prossima volta che sento un "grande" chef italiano mettere olio extravergine di oliva in un piatto di un paese asiatico dove non c'azzecca una cippa... aaaah >_<

hey! i’m doing some $10 sketch commissions! b&w busts!

hit up my dms or fill out this form on my site if you’re interested :~) + rts always appreciated!☜

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