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Hi, commissions are open.
I make icons, raster or vector. I can paint humans or your pet or your human pet. ^<^

For prices/examples:

I also have a patreon with some free (creative commons licensed) stuff:

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... was that caused by the smells?

No Idea. But as someone migraine prone, maybe that's something that they can cause.

Or not, but regardless of that you need a well ventilated place.

Aaand don't buy too many colours...
The longer dry time is actually pretty nice, and uuh that's it. I've nothing else to say.

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I practically didn't need black; the photo doesn't show it, but the painting has pretty big dark areas.
I bought some ivory black but it makes everything greysh pretty fast.

On the other hand I used tons of white. Even if you are on a budget, maybe buy a big tube of it, if you can.

I painted in a ventilated place but I have to move since my brother said that he was getting headaches (at that point I was using only oils, no turpentine, nothing).
Was that a nocebo effect, was...

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OK, I keep my word for once; that's what I learned during my first oil painting.

I bought a small number of colours, small tubes, student quality (but from a brand that I reasonably trust) trying to not spend too much, because I don't need to waste money if I don't like a medium.

Also no need to buy turpentine in a art shop.
Also number 2: I saw other people trow it out (they safely dispose it) but I don't understand why? You can reuse it using 2 containers. Just have some patience.

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Another horrid photograph.
Like, I'm not trying to find excuses, I know that it is full of errors, and I really dislike his dead fish expression; but the photo makes everything worse. >:(

Well it's finished. ^^

please, please, since it's the internet, note that I'm joking and I have limits too.

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I posted this on the wrong account but whatever, copypaste the relevant part:

My teacher was talking about scenarios like "what if your client want a painting of their hunting dog with a prey and you are against hunting? You have to paint it because you need to eat".

And that cause the same damage of others, more secure jobs; so what is the point?

But you can get lucky and get wonderful clients too.

Or have poor work ethics, like me. 🎩 💰

"Preparatory" "drawings" of a picture for a client.
I can go pages and pages like this. ^^'

Unoriginal but whatever.

I see that some people give a subtle yellow tint to the asexual flag but I assume that is just for aesthetic reasons?

Creative commons licensed, public post.

Ok, I'm on hellsite too (meaning that I only post art there too).
But if you plan to leave, I respond there(probably with some delays) so feel free to contact me.

I'm also going to post only art here, sorry but big communities are too much for me. Once again, I always respond here (with less delay).

I also have another account here on fedi that I'm not linking. :P

Redbubble is going to sell a mask that seems more comfortable than the other one that they already have (imho they fall down with that shape).

Buuut the old one is already overpriced, so I'm not comfortable with selling a mediocre thing for some 💶 .

I'm doing that anyway cause I have no morals; but there's always the cheaper and better DIY option, since they are creative commons works.

But I'm stealing their model for me, it seems easier to sew.

Hi, commissions are open.
I make icons, raster or vector. I can paint humans or your pet or your human pet. ^<^

For prices/examples:

I also have a patreon with some free (creative commons licensed) stuff:

I'm gonna add a slightly different version for mask sewing tomorrow.

Fairies took a small piece of the sewing machine.
We searched everywhere, it's the only logical explanation. Sigh.

Good afternoon or tzag.
Today I painted a little but it's going too rain, so I can't continue.
How are you doing?
Come state bimbi belli?

A WIP of something else.

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