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I talk to my dog a lot.
I say her lines too.
They usually are: "Why are you talking to me? I don't understand: I'm a dog."

Forest are born from some blurry spot of colours and pareidolia. Adding with the brushstrokes the details that seems already there.
It's quite relaxing seeing the plants emerge from some wobbly shape.

And in the end the finished landscape doesn't make any sense. Ahah, sigh.

My students are watching old public domain comedies and silent films as homework this weekend.

What are your favorites to recommend?

Felt like drawing a little tree house shop for funsies 🌳 🐥 🍄 🍀

@sublingual Beautiful beautiful table, i remember other furniture, the Carlo Bugatti Throne (i saw in the Alien Covenant Film):

For your eyeballs: The Cozy Wizard

My big question about this one is... will I go back and dither some more?


Ma il bot che dà la buonanotte l'hai fatto tu?

Che cosa carina. (^<^)


Please, feel free to scream at me if you catch me still awake.

Ok if someone wants to play a game, rules are here: and there's a simple game in that thread.

So for this game:
🐻🏈🌿 follow the rule
🌿 🐂🐂 doesn't follow the rule

No custom emoji, rules can be complex, no rules based on colours, no rules based on names.

for filtering, next posts are going to be unlisted.

Brushes for .

They work in the last version.
Sorry for the horrid icons.
Patreon link but the post is public:

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Folded paper all day
Anxiety dropped 90%

Tutorial coming up

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The brushes look like this, and all of them are pretty smudgy.

I'm asking if someone want them because I'm not drawing decent icons for them if the answer is "no". ^^'

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Also I don't know if I should share these brushes? They are usable on my old machine but myPaint settings are really, really a lot, and I probably modified a bunch of unnecessary things and then forget about it (meaning that the brushes can be faster).

Someone wants to play zendo with emojis?

The original game has some nonsensical """Buddhist""" themes that were changed in later editions but it's a logic game.

People have to guess a rule that a sequence of emoji should follow (for example "must contain one bunny emoji).
🐰 💛 follows the rule.
🐶 🗡 doesn't follow the rule.

Rules posted unlisted in next post; "zendoEmoji" always written for filtering.

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