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Do you want a digital portrait of you pet or your human? Your human pet? Something else entirely?
Hey, I draw for money (or food if you can teleport it).
open, DM me for info, only sfw.

Patreon link:

Ko-fi donations:

I've been busy:

PenPal, a Linux daemon to sync your Wacom Bamboo devices and render drawings:

The last of the photos from Commonwealth Lake Park.

1) Mrs. Mallard
2) Two ducklings swimming through/walking on top of the algae.
3) A bush and a duck.

Let's wonder on a path in the middle of Brazil.
In the mountains of Minas Gerais ⛰️ where horses often walk freely.

The silver shield dragon is now up in the shop (yes, that means the blue marble dragon is headed to a new home).

That's the D&D-inspired one. I await my C&D from Wizards. 😆

Some referenced nature studies I’ve been doing for a concept art project I’m working on - I took some photos from my mums garden from underneath her rhubarb plant for the first haha! Doing these is helping me a lot with getting the hang of values and light

And I don't know if someone is interested on how I currently draw fur but whatevs:
I use a rake brush in myPaint and then add details in Krita and an overlay layer to adjust things and/or add some other colours (magenta in this case).

I’ve had this picture in my wip folder for over half a year I think, but I finally managed to finish this after all this time. Anyhow, hopefully you like!

Finally, the fediverse icon mosaic is finished - and I love the result :blobheartcat:

#art #mastoart #fediverse #inkscape

Summer: hot
Short skirts: good
Legs: good

I'm talking to men.

I'm maruki, I make pixel art and like soft things
I've just started a patron for my personal art
#pixelart #ドット絵

Today's work. I was super tired while painting, and I always thought it didn't look good. But now I think it's beautiful.

Drizzle 🌧️☔️
My thanks to everyone that offered constructive crit on this one as I worked on it over the last couple months :)

Right I made a zine about cockatoos the other day. Behold. Some serious serendipity - I was drawing it when an article popped up about a cockatoo pulling up the anti nesting spikes on a building in Australia. That was awesome & weird enough, then I was listening to a podcast and they mentioned a cockatoo who stowed away on a cruise ship. So I had to fit those in obviously. (1 of 2)

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