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I'm jojo, I flee the censored socials. Here is the full picture of my spooky avatar, from a green room pre-silent movie scoring in '18. Some meta-tarot collage commission, and a psychedelic good Queen Bess! as means of to my crypt folk, cut-up, pointillist existence. Thanks for the warm welcome!

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We wrote our 3rd record this past month, released today! I'm stoked, hope you enjoy some Weezer-y vibes, Austenian humor, songs about ancient civilizations, and love... I painted the cover Lego minifigs of crs.

Aimez-vous la féerique ? Dans ce cas je vous invite à découvrir Ceol Sidhe, mon nouvel EP d’électro-folk ! Si vous souhaitez me soutenir, sachez que ma discographie est à prix libre sur .

Do you like ? Then, I invite you to discover Ceol Sidhe, my new electro- EP! If you want to support my , name your price to download it on Bandcamp.

. . .
(as much) powers.
Revive the craft
of carriage.
Widely felt with
fine earth.


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Young Friend:

Sitting across from
lovely cheekbones,
playthings. Imitations
of ‘historicism.’
“Composed for Dodgson’s young—”
cuddled up to the dark.
Porcelain had become
far cheaper.
Prelude to the creative.
New England daughters
bobbed up and
they would be happy.
“Do have their uses.”
Of a dance.
Desire to get away from his-
torical. Tangled up,
they’re saying
between the lines.
Be thrilled / to discover. . .


A few years ago I came up with "not your manic pixie poetess," we've leveled up to - benevolent harpy gorgon nightmares here.

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I was asking my skele-beau whether I shld just say "Xennial crone" in my profile, and bc he really knows me/my 'poet mouth' antics he offered: "non-linear liminal Xennial."

Lil video selfie w co-pilot Catclops of collage-poetry filming (future streaming) set up! One's learning edge, as it were.

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zen priest
a woman tilling the field
a beehive

And a psychedelic happy Friday. As a WFH art wank w no time on/time off boundaries --I am gonna try to work a little less or perhaps just on music this wknd w my skele-beau. I write lyrics and play flute, guitar, ukuleles.

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Hey masto-art, you've been so warm and conversational. I just wanted to say thanks for being you, really stoked on all the new radical progressive decadent e-quaintances and friends. You've helped me tackle some meta-convos w myself about my art process and as a result I think I'm going to experiment w time-lapse videos and live art-streaming. V grateful for audience/influence/inspo!

would be interesting to see music described by their philosophical properties;
requiems for materialism
hymns to non-romantic love
overtures to the future

Attempt to connect via
feather bed. Left me
feeling / alone.
“Properly?” I think
lit chaos. Paper conjured
of (t)his elegant mind.
Catalyst it is, “thy lip.”
Esoteric ingredients,
cheek. Profoundly shaken
—day she saw had
uncomfortable, “a timetable?”
(But) “he had fun, too.”
Also sells world’s
most comforting
Rational enough
in love, or limited views
of letters. He was perfectly
exempt from the old
palace of airs.

@xenophora have you seen Julia Lillard's work?

(This will be exactly like when people find out about a computer thing and ask me if I know about it because I know about that stuff)

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