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everyone stop and look at my boy!!!!

i commissioned GOMA_yammy on twit / ko-fi 😭

I have found a coloring style which I like and is fast and has matching colors! 👀✨
At least better matching than what I've done earlier this year. 😄

Here are four attacks from the last few fays with the style.
Two for users here on Mastodon: @lehlatte and @banana ☺️

death, assistance request 

i know no one here knew him, but if you’ve got a couple of spare bucks it would be wonderful if you could throw them towards william’s funeral to support his family. thanks for any support you can give.

Discovered the Kuretake 空っぽ pen which is meant to be used with Ink Cafe inks but can be used with any non-clogging pen ink

There we go. I like this much better. Just the messy original sketch with a little extra detail. Gotta learn to trust myself more and not overwork things. #artfight #ffxiv

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if you wanna just see art without my other bullshit, consider following @extinct cuz i'mma be reposting a buncha stuff in the next several days

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another progress gif, but hopefully this time it's not awful lmao

@pocketghosts I'm glad XD I like it, too. It's cute! Also flying flowers! I wonder if there's flying catnip, since that area has gaelicats, too 🤔

(This is @pocketghosts's WoL, Yehn, and mine, Cam, doing a little Sea of Clouds botany. #ffxiv #artfight Very 😅 at myself for belaboring it for hours and then going, "Darnit, I ruined a perfectly good sketch, let's go back to that, it was cute.")

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my queue is full right now, plus artfight, but here's a PWYW base i whipped up during my break time from comm work

name your own price, tips appreciated but not required

feline and canine included

CLIP and PSD files available

personal use only. you can edit and customize, just provide credit. no reselling or adoptables, please.

#mastoart #furryart

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