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everyone stop and look at my boy!!!!

i commissioned GOMA_yammy on twit / ko-fi 😭

hey i don’t really go here (except for very recently, like today recently and it’s non-traditional lol) but if you’re looking for a new tabletop to replace D&D because wizards of the coast just can’t seem to stop being racist and exploitative, check out

in 99% of them the animals are unbearably terrifying but i've developed a soft spot for the ""realistic"" texture packs. they just remind me of my fav era of shitty pc graphics in the best way
(left is italia pack, right is karmorakcraft)

My second attack on ! Rodents have very pretty heads! 😍 Why do I have so many dog furries? I need more rodent furries.

I'll test around with different coloring styles in Art Fight, here with colored lines. 🤔

just learnt that the text on the barista outfit says "chocobo paradise" omg


The wolf yawned and stretched, paws kicking as he rolled. As he did, he shrank and shifted, fur giving away to smooth skin and coarse clothes.

He blinked in the morning light and smiled as the prince pressed his nose against the skin of his throat.

'I'm glad neither of us are morning people,' he murmured, and went back to sleep.

#microfiction #TootFic

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Dawn broke, casting a warm glow across the prince and his beast as they cuddled in the wooden bower.

The prince curled up more tightly against the enormous black wolf, burying his face in the plush coat. His fine silks were rumpled and his crown sparkled beside the nest of cushions and blankets in which they curled.


#microfiction #TootFic

Been on a little hiatus on my adventure which usually means I like to think Cirina and Gouda are just taking a nice road trip away from quests and such.

also idk how to write a bio that makes yehn sound interesting, theyre a cat boye

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Friendly reminder that art is not a commodity (like capitalism tries to tell you it is) and everyone can make art :bob_ross:

TL;DR making art is :valid: :praxis_100:

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