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My contributer copy of Become: A Trollhunters Fanbook came in!! A wonderful experience working with Charles Tan and all the artists and writers that participated and made this awesome book!

wanna play ffxiv but i have dnd not canceled for once aa

I got lost one summer road trip and found a coastal town with three ancient lighthouses. Two were obvious. One reached above the clouds - the elevator only recently electric.

The third was in a cliff face, just above sea level, often submerged during high tides - somehow sealed against leaks.

I stayed a week but learned little more than they did what lighthouses do.

When I found the town again later, there was always just the one...

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

Everyone normalize wearing surgical masks in public in the US real quick thansk

Some other chicks
The older ones are here: (public post, creative commons license).

The new ones are here: (not a public post since they are still a WIP).

Argh, it's late, goodnight. ^^

FFXIV play, some caps 

FFXIV play 

dissidia nt gave vaan an outfit made by FFXIV's costume designer Ayume Namae and now he looks like like a very fancy twink

request for financial help (not me), gofundme, ICE 

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