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*spits blood* you'll never make me name my rando charas

it's too bad AoT and some other adult manga is on the same tier there... 😷

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Here is the first of my new series featuring roads and forests in overly bright colors.
I think I have learned some things from my abstract painting phases!

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- hand studies
pro: ppl think i'm fancy
con: i gotta draw hands

- just jump straight into botw fanart
pro: i'm motivated
con: "is this anime" 😂 💀

what's a good first page picture for a fancy sketchbook... i have to ruin a page so i'm not afraid to draw in it a;lwjaow

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I saw someone mention using the SMPTE test pattern as a pride flag so here's an experiment:

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Back to bookmaking! I got my hands on some hardboard and a dremel tool this time, and ran the white pages through the printer to put a light dot grid on it.

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A small Bunny and a smaller Chick.
Oh right, happy solstice. ^^
And goodnight. 💤


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I have always liked , but his design always had a bit too much going on in my opinion, especially for a child/rookie stage . So I made some adjustments. My goals were to:

1. Make him easier for children to draw while keeping him recognizably "Gabumon"
2. Give him more similarities to while keeping both distinct (as if they were sister species)
3. Toe beans. That is all.

i never finished nightmare mode of curse of the moon.........

this vid of iga torturing a dude while telling me there's 13 free DLC for bloodstained aowhgaod;fjawogha;o

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"Do you really buy souls?" the witch asked.
"Sometimes," the demon said. "Other times we buy a firstborn's love, or dual-signed first edition of Good Omens."
"So... Whatever the person values the most?"
"Yes. From you, I'd ask... Oh."
"My friendship with you?"
"Never sell that!"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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