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splatoon idol ocs! they're named prism and the other is aurora, who is a moon jellyfish :-]

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trainer oc who is a competitive brat! shes stubborn and is every swear word incarnate. has a pikachu named machine gun and hes just like her >:]

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I'm making a collab calendar with my boyfriend every year and these are two previews of my pieces for the 2020 calendar :)

I'm Simon or Stern, i'm a german hobby artist and engineer and I love to draw fantasy, angels, dragons, scifi and some fanart. Feel free to suggest art projects and zines!

🧑 Portfolio:
🧑 Twitter:
🧑 Weekly stream on Thursdays, 7pm GMT+2!
🧑 I mod on a German art discord, send PM to join! :>

I don't know how well this vid will come out on here but here's some of my fave recent tuning attempts *v*~

Most of these are being tuned ready for when I've finished Bobbi's multipitch VCV πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

@plqnetarium I could not stop thinking about this... slow down, that's your eighth cup.

a very old oc of mine that i rarely ever draw, only like once or twice.. but finally, heres a ref for them! πŸ’“

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redesigned my spidersona's suit! (theyre based off of the elegant golden jumping spider)

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