I’m brain dead but not brain dead enough so I will share some pretty things I came across on my hike. It’s amazing how I can take the same trail everyday and spot something new each time. No morels though, I must be late again.

Feel free to use these as

Corporate needs you to find the differences between picture 1 and picture 2 🥲

@gwenn yes! I don’t have a macro lens so I try my best to get a clear shot of tiny things. It’s almost like sci-fi alien environments if you just think of a different scale haha

@planina Looks like elder to me. Almost foraging time!

@smbsy I thought it could be, but I can only recognise with certainty about 15 plants and animals in total haha

@planina That's pretty good. The more you look, the more you learn.

@smbsy true! Yesterday I discovered what zamenis longissimus looks like when I almost stepped on it 🐍

@planina Cool!

I had to look that up. It's not a native species here.

@planina @smbsy I wish I could describe the smell of elderflowers to you, that's how I always identify it, but yes I agree it looks most likely. thank you for these lovely photos :blobcatmelt:

@managingautie @smbsy thank you! Actually now when you mentioned that, I do know how they smell but I can’t smell anything because of seasonal allergies lol. My nose is stuffed all the time and I don’t even notice it anymore 😆

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