Some Civil War Re-enactors from Virginia in 1995; Shot with a Nikon FM2 and Ilford XP1 film. &White

On the deck of the Battleship USS North Carolina in 1990. The ship is moored in the Cape Fear River in Willmington NC. My 2 year old (at the time) is shown for size reference. Shot with a Nikon FM2 and Tri-X film.

Who can identify the actor (the man on the left) in this photo. This photo was made in 1986, and I've forgotten his name.

Richard Thompson the Great English Guitarist and Song Writer, continuously recording since 1968 (34 solo albums plus collaboration on many others) never nominated to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (scanned from CD art) and roll

I have a Wacom Intuos Pro PYH-660 Creative Pen Tablet for sale, 13.3 X 8.6 (338 X 219) working area, Wacom Pro Pen 2, 8 Express Keys. I bought this for photo editing but can't figure out how to use it. It's literally had 30 minutes of run time maybe less. If interested, let me know.

Ypsilon in Malaysian Pale c.1975 by Edgar Froese (scanned from LP art) Froese was one of the founding members of Tangerine Dream. I purchased this LP in Denver when it was new in 1975 but an internet search always shows Ypsilon spelled as "Epsilon"

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