I finally got around to being productive and hung my first purchase of #mastoart on the wall and it looks absolutely fantastic.

Hat tip to @MJBlacke for the artwork.

I really appreciate the work of PhilosophyTube.

Their videos are pretty gosh darn good and extremely informative. They make for a great primer that cuts to the heart of who is doing what and why.

this is an oc of mine, one i love and have drawn countless times. he’s a story i’ve carried since childhood, a creation that’s always been near—i took my true name because of him, and he’s so very precious to me.

Doesn’t do me much good having my in the car, does it? :/

sometimes, self care is Not “treating yourself”

sometimes self care means saving your money or energy or time

don’t let capitalism fool you into thinking you have to buy things to feel better / that it’s the only way to care for yourself

I got really excited from the book cover reveal and decided to design a cover of my own for @mstiefvater@twitter.com 's Call Down the Hawk. November 5th can’t come soon enough frankly!

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So, I think I finally figured out this streaming thing. Feel free to hang out and listen to some folk punk while I sketch in Autodesk.


Darkweb is a continuation on a "cybersoul" path, but with another, darker voice that raps, sort of. It's about digital life. About having trouble cutting through the noise of selfies, dickpicks, cats and political propaganda. To feel small alone and powerless, but still have a great, common and strong inner world. About getting out of one's comfort zone to find better fate and to put down your phone sometimes.

After months of pondering, I have finally been hit with an epiphany. I’ve struggled with the name Pity Party. Kinda cute and quirky (to me) it still definitely has a negative connotation.

BUT. I have finally coalesced an idea that theoretically ties all my favorite things together under a new pseudonym I’ve been testing out, so... time to re brand again :D

You've heard of Gotham...

But have you heard about GOTH HAM?

The whole "Oooh! Libraries are OBSOLETE, the world is DIGITAL now!" thing bugs me for four reasons.

(1) You know a lot of people actually like books that you can hold in your hand, right? And that there exist large numbers of books that ONLY exist in that format and haven't been digitized yet?
(2) Libraries have often been the centers of digitization efforts. Yes, you can find ancient papyri online. This is largely because of efforts like the one at the papyrology department at the University of Michigan library. The same is true of a bunch of other things.
(3) A lot of people have a library involved in their digital explorations, whether using machinery and connections AT the library because all they have is a phone, say, and perhaps a heavily metered connection, to access subscription only databases and archives, and to get help with research.
(4) They provide nuclei for community interaction, often around topics that improve people's relationship with knowledge.

I feel like not enough people know that the amazing/surreal/gross artist Shintaro Kago can be commissioned to do a crazy portrait of you for $65 plus shipping from Japan.


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Big Cat More Like Big Friend

thank u matt colville for the blessing that is

I don't have the official art so I'm just guessing w/ tack but this displacer beast has.........displaced my heart....

I confiscated a noisy toy with no off-button, but did not choose a secure location.

So now there is a cell phone that rings randomly that I can't find. The Annoy-o-tron 3000.

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