Let’s give a warm welcome to the newest member of our family, Dwayne. Hi Dwayne!

I also nearly missed the first 2+ word sentence. “Mama, more cracker peese” like, dude, welcome to being a person how cool is that?!

Last night my daughter, who is still figuring out words, hugged me tight and whispered “Nigh-nigh Mama” for the first time


(photo of a yellow swallowtail butterfly taking off from a patch of purple clover)

I like talking to my neighbors. I am glad they haven’t mistaken my awkwardness for dislike.

Roasted veggies and sautéed chickpeas in my first ever Buddha bowl that was such an amazing array of colors and flavors from sweet to spicy that I was absolutely astounded. Baby steps to eating less meat. Even husband who isn’t totally on board with the meat-Free thing found it tasty and filling 👌 super proud of myself now!

My feet have fallen asleep and there’s ten minutes left on the timer for my roasted veggies. Anything could happen.

Just imagine me bent forward at the waist, elbows on my knees, getting a good stretch while humming Disney songs . You will have pictured me Living It Up (tm)

My humblebrag for the day is that I managed to get coffee stains out of the carpet and I am quite proud of that. Dish soap, vinegar and warm water did the trick 👌

I don’t do art for a living, I live to do art. My skills are best utilized to illustrate animals and emotions for my daughter. Which is not what I thought I’d be doing with that skill, but it’s still totally okay and even kinda awesome.

ideas for a realistic cooking show 

Today’s word stuck in my brain is “Prole” - also thinking a lot about parenting and the culture of parenthood and why the heck do I feel such shame around wanting to talk about the fact that I am a parent, am poor, and doing my best? Maybe it’s that ever present fear of the damn “bootstrap” narrative.

On "red pilling" 

cloaked witch with lingerie on and her bewbs out 

Ooooeee, it’s been a while. As usual. I seem to go dark quite frequently. But, I have new toys which should hopefully make posting a lot better. How about some digital inks to tide my friends over!!

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