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hi! I'm pine/max and here's my ~

I do tabletop OCs, podcast fanart and occasional dragon age/stardew valley stuff.

i stick all my links and stuff over here at

(third image has excessive eyes, fourth image has tattoos) has Utena "Revolution" shirts, designed by Queenie-Chan, for the next 7 hours or so. FYI. (h/t Aster)

i'm so close to finishing the blanket stitching i'm doing around the collar of my neon aesthetic shirt

Happy Tuesday, my lovely Masto.ARTists!

Today I have the task of informing you all on some moderation policies we're going to be following in a much stricter sense from now on.

As we know, a very popular Free Open Source art software called the Gnu Image Manipulation Program exists, and its very popular acronym is also an ableist slur.

From now on, we're going to require that when referring to the program, folks use the full name, or the term "Gnu IMP/GnuIMP" instead of the popular acronym.

USA racism 

going through a thread in the stardew valley forums and blocking everyone who names their animals after confederacy generals

god, there's a lot i liked about Iron Blooded Orphans

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while many character deaths in gundam ibo were Heavily flagged, that somehow made the pain of the death more because i was spending like, thirty minutes anticipating it with "this will hurt me this will hurt me" and then it Would, and i would be in the mindset for it.

17776 is homestuck for people who don't have time for that

body/gender stuff 

My voice isn't gendered, it's just my voice. It's more like a cello than an accent, than a gender.


i really want to get top surgery and tattoo the scars with plum blossoms

unicorns with goat eyes........ what a concept

racism, interactions with white people 

got asked about my "heritage" at work today, and ended my explanation with "that's why i have a weird face" and got a speech from a white woman about how i'm "beautiful" which i walked away halfway through. like, she asked a pointed question about how i look, not my problem that she felt bad about it

- not the album, the crane wife, but the band, the crane wives
with lyrics like: "and i know that you mean so well / but i am not a vessel for your good intent" and "on some level i think i always understood / that a ship could never really love an anchor"

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the crane wives is like everything i want out of the decemberists

crop top adventure thread ()
+ i cut the bottom off of a shirt that was attracting holes
+ hemmed it with a sewing machine and fucked it up a little (also listened to podcasts for six hours while doing so)
+ so now i'm hemming it by hand while i watch LOGH.
+ i want to put a drawstring through the end when i'm done

I think I got spoiled by character work in podcasts. This show is trying to make me care about the most boring characterization of "hero of justice who makes a bunch of hard choices" vs. "a fucking evil guy that's empty inside."
who cares???
The lancer & saber thing is only interesting because it does some foreshadowing but like, I didn't really care about their interactions.
I like narrative foils and any attempt at making them sucked here, a lot!

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