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Hello everyone! I'm Pine Aura!

I'm a smol bean from Canada that loves to draw both original work & fanart and I'm always looking to explore and express myself in both areas.

I've just moved from another instance to this one and I am so excited to be a part of this creative community. I look forward to meeting you all and seeing all your wonderful works<3

Here's to our artistic (and personal) growth!

Phantom Eye

Pet Stylist Pema Narantuul and Apprentice Zale Devlin cross paths with a talking robo bunny, Potat, and a lost dog named Pecan, respectively. All four team up, but they end up finding more than they've bargained for...


A lil throwback to these super cute lil orb shaped beavers I made and still adore<3

Phantom Eye

Terra Warden Felix Masawa and Professor Jasper Rhys team up when Jasper's pupil goes missing after an odd rock slide. Their search has them come face to face with a buried mystery...

Decided to spiffy up my rough take on this lil animation I did ages ago. It's still rough, but at least it's a clean looking rough now haha

Another batch of soft wind down doodles I've done.

I really enjoy doing these so I'm hoping to return to them in the future when I'm able to ( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈ )

I got to do a piece for the Skies of Arcadia zine (SkiesZine on twitter) to celebrate its 20th anniversary! It was such a delight to work alongside fans of this cherished game✨

Still fond of this piece of mine.

It's wild to look back at work sometimes and notice you've learned since then and how you might do some things differently now. Hooray for growth c:

A dear friend of mine made a crossover I never would have thought of and I wanted to pay a quick lil tribute to the intro of it. You can read it at Snaurus' AO3 ( I'm so down for fun crossovers like this!

Phantom Eye

Connectors Dana Lex and Aster Gryphon and Challengers Beryl Elrema and Reza Rongo take to the puzzling courts where they unravel mysteries by finding and questioning each piece to uncover the truth behind them. But the truth is never so simple...

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