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Hello everyone! I'm Pine Aura!

I'm a smol bean from Canada that loves to draw both original work & fanart and I'm always looking to explore and express myself in both areas.

I've just moved from another instance to this one and I am so excited to be a part of this creative community. I look forward to meeting you all and seeing all your wonderful works<3

Here's to our artistic (and personal) growth!

Just a cute lil moment between these two. Having Erru come along really helps remind Shushi to just take some time out of the day to appreciate the small wonders of the world 😌

A fun lil neat casual fashion piece I did for Lon'qu some time ago.

I like doing lil fashion doodles like this. It's fun!

A super cute commission of an opossum I got to do<3 They really are just adorable lil bbs

I love that Malroth is legit unimpressed with flowers in the beginning, but he literally will straight up book it to the nearest flower pot or pet the crops or chill in a garden afterwards. Now that's fun character growth haha

Throwback to me having fun with some Dragon Quest slimes. They really are just so good. One of these days I need to get me a cute plush of one or something.

Most of the Heart Pirate's crew members don't have names, but this mysterious mask [helms]man stands right out. So they get to have a spiffy outfit with a bouquet too :p

Some doodles of these 3 Heart Pirates, Jean Bart, Clione, and Uni. Guess I'm in a semi-spiffy clothes with bouquets kind of mood. Clione and Uni have their animals specified (sea angel & sea urchin), but I thought maybe Jean Bart could be a lion's mane jellyfish c:

Throwback to this meme draw I did for Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective hee hee hee I still heckin love this one ✌️

Just wanted to doodle Shachi and Penguin of the Heart Pirates wearing cute pattern scrubs after their namesakes of course hee hee

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