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Hello everyone! I'm Pine Aura!

I'm a smol bean from Canada that loves to draw both original work & fanart and I'm always looking to explore and express myself in both areas.

I've just moved from another instance to this one and I am so excited to be a part of this creative community. I look forward to meeting you all and seeing all your wonderful works<3

Here's to our artistic (and personal) growth!

I had to celebrate Sora getting into Super Smash Bros Ultimate with a lil doodle! I'm super excited about this. Bless

Continuing on with this silly Streamers AU of mine, here's what Killer's would be! He gets two because I say so 😋

Both cooking & drumming are his hobbies and they translate well to streams. I gave him ferrets as pets because I thought that would be cute 🥺

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Just some silly cuteness between Eiko and Amarant.

FF9 is full of characters that, by all means, shouldn't be able to work together and yet in spite of it all they do, whether they really want to or not haha

Wanted some soft Pokémon doodles so here's one for Foongus, Shroomish, Lanturn, and Finneon 💖

Come to Hawkins' tarot streams to get your readings (and probably a roasting)!

This is a just a silly joke. I can't actually see Hawkins being a streamer per se but this idea was just too funny not to do so into the OP Streamers AU it goes. I'm so sorry. 😂

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This lil silliness is still so funny to me. Shushi's One Trip Only worries Erru yet she insists hahaha

Just some quick sketches to add on of these two playing games together as streamers. Not necessarily a sequential order of things, but certainly moments that happen in any given stream, I'm sure hahaha

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Page One and Ulti's designs kinda remind me of streamers and well I thought it would be fun to do an AU with that in mind.

They have their own separate streams, but Ulti probably likes to team up together (whether Page One likes to or not haha)

Would you look at that it's a lil wip wiperoni. It's a lot of fun but also a lot of work v:

(Please consider giving me some encouraging vibes)

What better way to welcome the return of the legendary sword Shusui back home than by granting Hiyori's wish...

Throwback to these commissions I got to do!

Illustrating both title cards and a scene from a book have always been something I've wanted to do and I'll always cherish the opportunities I was given 🥰

This is like an AU but I really like the idea of Shushi and Erru travelling the world together on bicycles 🥰

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