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Hello everyone! I'm Pine Aura!

I'm a smol bean from Canada that loves to draw both original work & fanart and I'm always looking to explore and express myself in both areas.

I've just moved from another instance to this one and I am so excited to be a part of this creative community. I look forward to meeting you all and seeing all your wonderful works<3

Here's to our artistic (and personal) growth!

Phantom Eye

Connectors Dana Lex and Aster Gryphon and Challengers Beryl Elrema and Reza Rongo take to the puzzling courts where they unravel mysteries by finding and questioning each piece to uncover the truth behind them. But the truth is never so simple...

Me: Tells other people that all their OCs need hugs when finding out bits of their stories

Also me: May or may not have OCs that also need hugs because of bits in their stories

When you don't have any resentment with one another it's very easy to work together even if you're technically on opposite teams.

Farewell to the one who thought Darien and Izzy wouldn't be willing to partner up to get out of this mess. ✌️

Ocs from a dream I had. A sort of professional, evenly matched enemies to solid friends who travel together dynamic duo. Really neat watching that unfold. Now if only I could recreate it.

A wip of a lil silly comic. Here's just a panel of it.

As you can see Shushi is in Protecc Mode. The locals are still dealing with the shock of Shushi just nyucking a vypeel no probs, but she's already moved onto dealing with the next threat though v:

Phantom Eye

Once upon a time, Rocia (left) and Amrita (right) worked together, but that all changed 12 years ago...

Time for some Erru and Shushi Worry Hours v:

They care each other.

Different points in the story, but they both do their equal parts being concerned about the wellbeing of the other.

Here's my piece for the Skies of Arcadia zine (@ SkiesZine on twitter) to celebrate its 20th anniversary! It was such a delight to work alongside fans of this cherished game✨

Ocs, Yoana and Ky! Feelings are hard. Who even knows what to do with them? Well they don't, but they're trying to!

(Romance CN)

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