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Hello~ I'm Pine Aura!

A smol, silly Canadian🍁 that likes to do the arting thing. I do original and fan art stuff both!

Thanks for stopping by~
Cheers! ✌️

I got to do a wonderful bunch of commissioned work for Motosuwa of their Shiba Inu and I couldn't be more delighted to draw me some cute puppers<3

Go check out Motosuwa here:

A silly and fun redraw of that one moment in The Iron Giant of Dean exclaiming "It's Art!", but with a Pokémon twist. We've got a Smeargle, Grafaiai, and Bidoof version :3c

Super short notice, but I actually have time today to do a lil streamy-weamy. I'll do it in about an hour or so from now. I'll make a post proper when I'm gonna go live.

See you then!

Here's a lil sneaky peek of a cute wallpaper I made in celebration of Splatoon 3 releasing this month! They feature seven lil salmonid friends<3

I got to do a cute and comfy Tooka header for Snaurus! Honestly, one of the best lil fictional critters out there<3

Just a lil doodle of Deep Cut to celebrate the first Splatoon 3 Splatfest! What team are you on: Rock, Paper, or Scissors?

What RPS team are you on?

One of the things I love about Splatoon and its music is the culmination and amalgamation of various inspirations all beautifully interwoven together in a fun and mesmerizing way. Anarchy Rainbow is perhaps one of the best examples of this!

We have Japanese, Indian, and Brazilian representations wonderfully blended in together to create a really neat sound that's fun to dance and sing along to

Releasing my July phone wallpaper of Lea from Kingdom Hearts to the public.

Some summertime vibes and a lil fashion fun with Lea! ☀️

Aaah that Splatoon 3 hype is So Real for me right now

I highly look forward to playing it<3

And that Deep Cut "Anarchy Rainbow" song? MY HECKIN JAM!!

Well whaddya know. I didn't realize it was International Cat Day and well I did post this is [space] cat! :3c

Happy Intermeowtional Cat Day!

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I got commissioned by the wonderful Snaurus to do a Tooka for an icon and I couldn't be more delighted to draw these cute lil space kitties! :3c

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