HAPPY late birthday TO

Drew her badass lady mafia boss, Aisel! She will do anything for more power and she is highly superstitious!

Hey, it's been a while! Been back to working on comics. (Link in my profile.)

I'm going to take 1 extra week and start updating Center World again on June 1st! Mostly because I want to start off the new month a bit stronger.

Thanks for sticking with me!

Got my new office chair, and I’m set with a comfy workspace again!

I’m going to work on comics and update next week, hopefully with a small buffer.

I was commissioned to make the cover art for Blindlove's debut single. You can check it out here: ffm.to/iwannabeokay

Things have been a little sporadic lately, but I've still been posting webcomic updates! phoenixan.com/

A while back I suggested the idea of drawing people's sonas as if they were pulls in a gacha game and tbqh the two pieces I actually followed through on doing were hella fun to do. Here's the first one, with @BestGirlGrace 's Bird Call breaking into a radio station to be gay on air

#furry #mastoart #queerartist #transartist

So I'm like 'bad news, road blocked' but then 'good news, giant rat'. :D

The title page for Chapter 9 has been posted on my website! phoenixan.com/comic/center-wor

I also made a few little changes to the logo!

My part of an art trade with TheCrazyDragon on FA. This is their unnamed mutli-limbed character that I got to have some fun with.

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