I have decided to shrink my online footprint to a few specific places, and will be deleting this account in the next little while. For anyone interested in following my work going forward, please follow me on twitter! It's a new account, so not a lot is up just yet!

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My poor tiefling rogue, Skaira, found out last session that not only is the party in the perfect position to piss off TWO clashing crime lords, but he also apparently has a doppleganger tied in to one of them.

Thanks to everyone waiting on art so patiently. The last couple of weeks have been super tiring and long. I promise this was just a quick stress-reliever. Updates on all outgoing work tonight!

Wandering through a dead, burnt forest.

$60 flat sale, first come first served! Any mammalian species, feral only (I will feral-ize your anthro). Wings & multi-tails are OK.

This is just the concept sketch; the final will be fully detailed. Examples:

Back in 2016 I did this for the first time and it helped me produce some of my personal favorite pieces and some really great concept art. I decided to share the next one with you guys in case anyone else wanted to participate as well!

The rules are VERY loose; change them up if you want, skip some, replace some, do them late, whatever. The point is to just produce art.

Anyone can give this a try if they like!

Hey guys! Happy December! My commissions are open and you can find details at the link below. Please message me on this platform or use the email on my site below to inquire!

Also, buy a commission as a gift for someone and get 25% off the price!

Commission Prices & Info

As always, regular customers get a 10% discount!

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