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My poor tiefling rogue, Skaira, found out last session that not only is the party in the perfect position to piss off TWO clashing crime lords, but he also apparently has a doppleganger tied in to one of them.

Thanks to everyone waiting on art so patiently. The last couple of weeks have been super tiring and long. I promise this was just a quick stress-reliever. Updates on all outgoing work tonight!

Wandering through a dead, burnt forest.

$60 flat sale, first come first served! Any mammalian species, feral only (I will feral-ize your anthro). Wings & multi-tails are OK.

This is just the concept sketch; the final will be fully detailed. Examples:

Back in 2016 I did this for the first time and it helped me produce some of my personal favorite pieces and some really great concept art. I decided to share the next one with you guys in case anyone else wanted to participate as well!

The rules are VERY loose; change them up if you want, skip some, replace some, do them late, whatever. The point is to just produce art.

Anyone can give this a try if they like!

"hunting legend"

Commission for FA's brunalli ft. my AWD girl Chord!


once upon a time i had a friend who had this awesome species & once upon a time i drew that species runnin around in snow & kinda liked how it turned out.

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