"songs about rainbows"

A piece for my Paradise Rising character, Oliver! Also ft. his dad, Souta.

"the moon sometimes full"

Silhouette commission for a very, VERY patient surt-ainly@dA. Thank you!

Selling characters to help me buy a birthday present for myself! I'm hoping to get together around $250. Take a look & message me if there's anyone you're interested in!


Silly me put the wrong title. Correct title is "the windowsill". rifp


Random word commission for FA's dragonwithgames, who was really patient! I was asked to illustrate this to the feel of a song instead of a word, but the title basically defines what the song expressed to me.

"the highway's clear"

Very old piece ft. my Corvi; Rowan and Mabel are owned by a friend.


Some reeeeeallly old concept art for an old comic idea.

"fancy wine"

Tintype portrait commission for dA's featherbrain4, purchased by unityuniverse! :)

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