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*scrambles around trying to find good enough art to post* hi! i'm phia! i mainly only draw girls facing left at 3/4 angles bc i'm too scared to get out of my comfort zone but hopefully i can soon!

hey! um does anyone know where to make/order acrylic charms but like... only a few? like 10 at most. i don't have that much money and i just wanna test it out.

i'm *still* stuck on redesigns + renaming ocs πŸ˜”

hey i am still here, trying to think of things to draw. i feel better now so qwq!

i'm still stuck on the plot and have been for yeaarrsss all because i got too attached to a side character

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redesigning and renaming characters is surprisingly difficult

hmmm i'd start commissions if i could figure out how to work paypal shfhhgh i just really want a switch

i tried to record but i just cant seem to voice any of my utaus correctly today ;-; i tried to record a new one but they sound bleh

i'm running on a few hours of sleep but this is the only day i can record unless i want to wait until tuesday

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i woke up early for once bc i can finally record. hopefully no one comes home early from work lol

it's like 2 am and i'm in the mood to make music again aAA

hmmmmm i'm trying to give better names to a couple of my ocs but i'm stuck 😭

i realized i finished my drawing so that means i can read more umineko Γ²wΓ³. i might not want to right away though bc i cry every time i read it lol pfff.. i am too emotional

i realized my ocs' hair isn't that impossible now that i noticed my hair also does the weird floof thing

i love it here, everyone is so nice and there's so much amazing art!!! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

dm-ing people on here scares me bc it just looks like writing a toot so im like aAA what if it messes up shdhjg im an anxious mess πŸ˜‚

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Art of my , Typo. He's also related to the vocalsynth world, being an and planned !

Any artists please feel free to give me . I've always wanted to shift him to primarily an character but I struggle so much with long noses/snouts and digitigrade legs.

(Sorry for all the tags, I want to be sure people can find this post. orz Hopefully it's not too many! Since I'm seeking advice.)

i want to doodle but i have to focus on other art first, plus it's 1:20am shfhdhgh i need a better sleep schedule

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