Let's draw animal shapes!

(I was trying to exercise shape-sense. It's hard... -__-)

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Do it for Kripik!

Hello! I'm known online as Dusk Walker. I like to draw as much as I can but my favorite thing to do at the moment is make my comic, Stardust. I try my best to update but because I'm raising a family, it's hard to.

If you need any help or quick tutorials on how to make a simple page, feel free to message me!

Hiyo. I'm Joju and I draw mostly anime. I'm an illustrator and working to be an animator also. I love drawing my children and my friends' children too ofc. I also like pokemon, white haired characters, and cats. Would rather stay at home than go out. Also I'm terrible with communication, sorry. 😭My commissions are semi-open and info is on my profile.

I saw some nice, sketchy artwork and I was inspired to add some stuff to the brush set.

Coming soon... ?

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