I asked 9 of my favourite illustrators to write some helpful tips for the Perephoneia blog.

The article includes advice from Edouard Caplain (lead concept artist for Life Is Strange 2) and many others!

Read the full post here: ✍️ perephoneia.art/blog/9-tips-to

I made the labyrinth using Magicavoxel. The rest of it was painted in Photoshop~ ^^

Today’s theme is space!

I’m still thinking about maybe finishing one of these... which one do you like best?

I’ve got a little website where I publish written interviews w/ creatives from all over the world.

The most recent talk is with Aliya Chen, a young up-and-coming artist who wrote about her current work at Netflix Animation and how she got started with together w/ her twin sister Felicia.

Check it out if you’re interested: ✍️ perephoneia.art/blog/aliya-che

I’d love to get some more feedback on these, so please lmk if her story resonates here!

This piece took me way longer than I initially expected.

I'm so glad it's FINALLY done~!


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