old problems die hard

The Consequences of Modernity, Anthony Giddens, 1990.

@sciss For pure technical tutorials I prefer no talking head, however if its in the style of a lecture-tutorial including more info than just to get things done, I prefer talking head hybrid.

The game What Remais is great: iodinedynamics.itch.io/whatrem

Its created by Iodine Dynamics (that includes the two editors of the book FLOSS+Art)

haven't really posted art here but that's what I do for work, with moderate success 

@atomikaya Thanks for the feedback. I will definitely try it out!

haven't really posted art here but that's what I do for work, with moderate success 

@atomikaya thanks for your message, I've been using Ubuntu and I'm new to Linux so I thought to try other versions because Ubuntu is heavy on my laptop.
About software, I like Krita too and need to try Inkscape. I use shotcut for video and learning processing and supercollider.
I also want to try Scribus for publishing, perhaps you know it too.

Thank you for all your tips! I've been using Ubuntu but is too heavy for my (old) laptop. I will check out your recommendations and see what works better over here. 😀

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What is the gnu/linux distribution that artists here use?

Use Signal.

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This is the #Signal Vs #iMessage Vs #WhatsApp Vs #FacebookMessenger metadata graphic from my @Forbes@twitter.com article on #Apple’s privacy labels…

This is your data and you’re entitled to ask why it’s being collected and processed.


Pour les curieux, voici un "téléciné au portable" du film
Vu la diction du narrateur, j’ai l’impression que c’est fait exprès pour permettre à des traducteurs soviétiques de comprendre

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The word globalization has become a common term in our vocabulary. But what does the globalized world really look like? Our essay film is now online here:

FCKXMS is out NOW!

Ten local electronic artists have sent us ten exclusive songs, celebrating this special time and this special occasion: the time of laughter and despair, the gifts and discounts, the unavoidable consumerism and devastating trickle-down economics. Let’s scream together as Richy Rich gets a little richer again, while we’re hopelessly waiting for the Looney Toons sign “That’s all, folks”.

:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa:

:bandcamp: kamizdat.bandcamp.com/album/fc

#CreativeCommons @musicians

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