Hey Pedro,

I went through your bandcamp. Great stuff, lots of experimental elements 👍.

If you're interested in my music, check my artist account: dontoverthink.life

Hope to hear more from you soon!


@dontoverthinklife Hi there! Thanks for the link. :) I was listening yesterday to your other great track and today I've checked the album "Two weeks in 木栅 (Muzha)".
You're making great music and I love the pacing, the texture and the direction. How it progresses and becomes such a surprising journey!


Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Every single listener is a huge encouragement for me. Even though I make music for myself it is still sending out energy into the world and great to see that it gets absorbed and transformed.

I hope I will take time soon to record new stuff. Unfortunately keeping myself busy with other things... :/

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