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Is it even possible to be off the digital grid? Here I attempt to describe some artistic strategies that repurpose analogue media:

água do mar
que gelas o osso,
fazes lembrar
quando era moço.

o som do bisturi,
rasga a pele
enquanto não vi.

água do mar
que continuas a subir.
levas a areia,
e chegas ao pescoço.

Recent Computer Arts & Activism related Open Calls:

* Rhizome ArtBase Executable Poetry: – September 8
* On-the-fly Live Coding Projects: @onthefly – September 10
* F(eminist)H(ack)M(eetings) at SPREAD Zine fest: @anglk September 11
* Taper. online magazine for small computational pieces: @nickmofo – September 15
* ICLC. International Conference on Live Coding 21: – October 4


400.000 people die from air pollution every year in Europe.

7 of the 10 most polluting coal power plants are here in Germany.


2001-2007 was peak scrollbar era.

Just look at those things that you can grab. Pretty *and* functional.


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This Saturday, August 28 join us for Sonic Curiosities VI:
we aim to challenge capitalist material relationships to objecthood, production, consumption and waste through a program which foregrounds radical re-use and transformation. Pushing back against value systems which privilege the new, precious, ‘innovative’ and unattainable, we strive to make old, existing and readily available things heard, felt, seen, composed, integrated and re-articulated.

I made a dream diary a few weeks ago, here you can see 4 days of it. I was curious to see, if I can find any coherences between it. I think my girlfriend often appears in my dreams…
Let me know what you think 🕺🏻


Voyage across the sea of data.
15 min.

created by manipulating a short sample of broken glass.

#Call for text line contributions:

Send me your notes and thoughts on 'waiting'. What are you waiting for, is that waiting hopeful, or anxious, or incurious?

A hybrid piece with an online Mastodon bot form via @kontakt ; and a physical installation form at Reagenz Graz.

Boosts welcome!

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