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I've spent the past week in the open-pit coal mines of Germany.

All you see here is destruction.


Our personal data is being used for political purposes, and it has become a political asset, a means for political intelligence, and an instrument for political influence. #video

Hi! I'm new to Mastodon, thought is a good occasion for my first toot :)
I make comics, here's two of them! 🐳

Hi, my name is Pedro and I'm an artist who works across mixed-media and interested in technologies and their effects in culture and society:


If you missed the World Premier of my film (and don't want to use a proprietary platform):

Watch "The War on Journalism: The Case of #JulianAssange" here:

#FreeAssange #AssangeCase #SaveJulian


The countdown to the #Almat 2020 symposium on algorithmic agency in artistic practice has started.

While the event could not take place physically due to the pandemic, we are happy and excited to have selected over a dozen contributions that will be made available in the online form of a Research Catalogue page on September 15, followed by recordings of round table discussions.

**Julian Assange: UK court weighs extradition of WikiLeaks founder to US**

"Julian Assange could face 175 years in prison for releasing classified documents and publicizing how US military forces killed civilians. The WikiLeaks founder's extradition hearing will resume in London on Monday."

#news #bot

The Age of Mass Surveillance Will Not Last Forever

When I was working at the CIA, if you had told me that there would soon come a youth rebellion that relied on lasers and traffic cones as sword and shield, and that it would come to paralyze one of the world’s richest and most powerful governments, I would have—at the very least—raised an eyebrow.


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