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Working on a new illustration✍️I still don’t know where I’m going with this one. What’s she looking at?✨

(nudity: back and shoulders only, also marked for blood) stress doodles from yesterday. my hands were shaking but drawing helps me calm down a lot

🍬🌸 halfbody commissions for confettiparfait & bambeiis! I had so much fun drawing these cuties 😭💖💕✨

I'm starting commissions now! For just 5 kofis you can commission an icon from me.

Read more info here:


My first adoptables!! ✨ Me and my girlfriend are moving to another city in 2020, so all of the money will go to our piggy bank for that, sorry if the prices are a bit high. Life is expensive T v T;;;

1. 40$ USD
2. 35$ USD
3. 35$ USD

💰 Buy:

4 of my babies have been inkling-ified! Now for the rest. I wish I could've fit all 8 onto one canvas, but it would shrink the overall picture down too much to be workable 😭

Hi guys!
I am new here.

Looking forward to interacting with you all and seeing your delightful artwork!

Havent been posting my artwork online for several years, but finally gathered the courage to join some sort of community.

Sketch dump/body horror/sick 

Sketchdump, anatomical nudity/body horror 

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