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‘Anarchismus’ (Anarchism), “Ulk”, #39, Sept. 1901 (Not sure who the artist is)

Depiction of as a snake with knives for teeth, threatening the aristocracy and government power.

Text is in german. translation:

But you who are blind with an angry envy
At princely splendor and glory
At all the big people of this earth:
You are lucky to be underneath,
Be glad to live hidden in the valley,
To dwell in the narrow house, in the quiet place,
And let, whoever will, dwell high
in peril.

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An anti-socialist/anarchist , warning people away from the “dangerous road of .”

There are reasons why may have a bad image of anarchy. Those in power fear our freedom. So they spread fear about anarchy in order to hold on their power.

'Werner Hahmann (1883-1977) cover, ’Der „Rote Heiland" (The Red Savior), “Kladderadatsch”, #16, April 1920'

(discouverd at tumbl:

@paulfree14 amazing propaganda! Very powerful stuff... It is very sad that hierarchy is confused with order so much 🙁

@paulfree14 @douginamug
it is thought, cause many confuse order with static order. And to hold on to a static order hieracy is needed to fullfill this idea of order.

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