I have been busy working on this . She needs some enhancing and yellowing in the lights, but I think I didn't betray the reference. I really love these Rosemary brushes !!!

@eric Hello ! at home I route my dns requests through openvpn to a vps instance that I rent, and for which I know and control how it resolves names. It works nicely. I am not sure how it would do on android, though. I don't think we can trust this platform , when it comes to privacy behavior :-)

@welshpixie it never happens with close relatives for me either. These are my comfort people :-) But people I somewhat know usually, like, students, collegues, neighbors, I reharsal all the time.

@welshpixie I do this very often, specially in periods of time when I have to deal with groups of people, for instance work, or family. It leaves me exhausted. When I have the possibility to see less people for many days, it tends to fade away. I think it is like when we dream : reharsal , a way to learn about how we can react to new situations.

@welshpixie @moiety not mug time yet but we are having a comfy fireside moment, and these are my comfort socks :-)

@welshpixie Oh I thought you'd use it as a light table. I made this one at home , it allows me to ink directly on a paper lying on top, the pencil sheet stays in between.

@natalia I love the light on these ! Also it definetely makes me hungry

@welshpixie Someone is going to not have to erase pencil as much as before :-D Desk looks really nice

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@welshpixie maybe create your vector design in another layer ? Not sure about this, just thinking out loud

More drawing experiments today. It really feels very pencil-like, specially with a sheet of paper on the tablet. A ctrl-z enabled paper, that is. Now I'm trying grease pencil in blender, to see what it brings.

@welshpixie it sounds like a tricky situation ! I hope you manage to figure it out with them...

@welshpixie I'm not into CAD at all, but maybe an option would be to ask if you can work with STL files with the printer, as it seems blender is more friendly with this format.

@welshpixie I suppose if sharper edges are needed, one solution would be to push the resolution and make the gaussian narrower. Or go the svg -> mesh way. Now I have no clue what the printer expects so I am not of any help here ... Nice design anyways :-)

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