Ready made large canvases are too expensive, so I have been making my own stretchers and stretched canvas on it . It has been a nice woodworking moment, and I am happy of the result.

Trying to paint the air between the model and the viewer. It seems that one way to suggest this is to let the coolness of the light invade shadows. Oil is so nice and friendly to achieve subtle mixes, I don't think other paint materials allow this.

I just discovered that manganese blue is not produced anymore. What a pity, there is no such a wonderful blue pigment on earth. I'm glad I have a tube that is still almost full.

@wim_v12e the lamps are two 135w , 5500K daylight spectrum, fluorescent bulbs, with big aluminum bowl reflectors

@wim_v12e you are too nice ;-) There are still quite some reflexions... but I found how to remove these by making the light angle more parallel to the canvas surface

I have just been finishing and photographying these . I managed to put up a great scanner-like setup to take photos despite the shiny fresh surface, using 2 lamps at 45° and a black curtain with a hole between me and the paintings. I had tried many times to do it outside under overcast scattered light with no avail...

A very Happy new year to all the mastodon freaks !! Carving more for some wider format limited print of my night ambiant

@welshpixie Nice place :) makes me want to see the sea again !

I love the staring thing to sort out big collections

@welshpixie darktable is neat too, I have a linux only pc, so it makes a great usable alternative

More blocking-in with chalk light study for a new . I left the easel unattended for quite some time, it is good to be back at it again :-)

Printing full steam ahead ! My workflow is good now, I have proper registration, reasonable drying times, a paper cutter that works fast and clean. Next step will be to go to book shops and convince them to take some... Setting up my online store soon too 🐾

@inso @changaco ne serait ce que les cours des mines, ca fait quand meme 200 ingenieurs par an qui en savent un peu sur le sujet a la sortie :-)

@inso pour y voir plus clair sur le sujet, le cours des Mines de Jean Marc Jancovici est disponible sur youtube. On aime ou on aime pas le bonhomme, on aime on on aime pas les faits, mais voila, ca pique , et apres on est mieux armé pour penser la suite ! Lire aussi Philippe Bihouix sur l'approvisionnement en metaux.

@silverseams one trick I found useful at times, to take a picture of a moslty black drawing on a white background, is to use the "back light" automatic setting of a smartphone, so it goes for information in the low values. The really working way I found is to use a photograph's physical calibration 50 % grey card under the same lighting to set my smartphone exposure. It sounds cumbersome but it really helps for such extreme situations as your black dragons on clear background :)

Asking the Mastodon community : What would be the correct way to toot in multiple languages without flooding followers / timelines ? Use one account per language ? Use language tags ? Include translations within each toot ? ( like this )
Quelle serait la bonne methode pour poueter dans plusieurs langues sans inonder les abonnés / les timelines ? Utiliser un compte par langue ? Utiliser des tags de langues ? Inclure la traduction dans chaque pouet ? ( comme ici )

@dansup Cetelem's son wins 400 m medly swim. ( ok no one will get this unless they are french )

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