@spiritofart Hello ! I love XIX century paintings ! Thank you for bringing inspiration here

@ais05 It is very nice that you keep taking care of your Grandpa's oils ! I wish you a lot of happy painting in his memory.

@crowdrawsthings @deerbard I use this one , it just does the job since years EDIT sorry I just undersottd you meant lead holders, not pencil holders - and no, I don't use one

@deerbard @crowdrawsthings It could be that your sharpener has some play, or that you dropped your pencil :) plain graphite ones are neat too, but I tend to find them too big for my use.

@crowdrawsthings yeah I like that they almost never have "hard bits" in the lead

@shiverjay Thank you !! I like to draw night too, it makes me feel calm and peaceful

@crowdrawsthings It seems we have got one thing in common ! I can't go further on these, because the lead stops before the end :)

I have just been testing a 100% recycled heavy paper for a series project, it turns out to work really good ! I am really happy as it is quite difficult to find such a paper where I live.

@deerbard I really hope many of them take the plunge and join. There are so many amazing guys there whose work I miss to see.

Varnishing time : the whole house stinks, you hate your cat's hairs, but you are suddenly that 8 years old kid again, amazed at what a coat of water does to a dull pebble 🤩

I finally put the last corrections to this portrait of two brothers. I have had some hard time due to the backlit reference picture which I was given to work with, so I had to invent most of the forms in the shadows. In the end I think likeness is here.

@Kathaja Hello and welcome to this weird place. Thank you for bringing in this even stranger creature, and for having fixed it into tangible matter.

@andreamichael Hello Andrea ! Welcome to mastodon ! 🎨 glad to meet new traditional artists, as you will see we are a rather rare species here 😅

@ais05 At some point I figured out that people in and around contests mostly don't care much about the quality of the art, but rather about how much social esteem they can earn by either showing themselves positive about you, or bashing you down. I think it stands true for exhibitions, too.That being said I find your work really nice, you did a great job on the character presence and personnality, and you created a strong narrative atmosphere.

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