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@welshpixie maybe create your vector design in another layer ? Not sure about this, just thinking out loud

More drawing experiments today. It really feels very pencil-like, specially with a sheet of paper on the tablet. A ctrl-z enabled paper, that is. Now I'm trying grease pencil in blender, to see what it brings.

@welshpixie it sounds like a tricky situation ! I hope you manage to figure it out with them...

@welshpixie I'm not into CAD at all, but maybe an option would be to ask if you can work with STL files with the printer, as it seems blender is more friendly with this format.

@welshpixie I suppose if sharper edges are needed, one solution would be to push the resolution and make the gaussian narrower. Or go the svg -> mesh way. Now I have no clue what the printer expects so I am not of any help here ... Nice design anyways :-)

@welshpixie @warpgate9 I'm not sure I understand what the final goal is, but in order to emboss lines from a plane, you could create your lines as curves, convert to mesh, extrude, scale and move the extruded result on the plane, then move up the original curves. This way you keep a clean topology so you can have sharp edges if needed.

Lockdowns make me ponder working digitally, as all exhibitions are cancelled one after the other. Trying my hands at , I think I like it.

Preliminary drawing for a portrait of my optician. We traded a pair of progressive glasses for an :-) Isn't that fair of him ?

@trevortaylor yes, this is the name. I purchased a serie of their masters choice long flats. It is night and day compared with what I used before. These hold the shape that you give them on the palette or on the canvas, though they remain flexible and soft, yet have some spring. You can form them in a thin straight blade, a larger sharpie like rectangle, or even a round. The craftmanship and service is amazing at this company. They even joined chocolates to the parcel :-)

Almost done with this one :-) I need to keep repeating myself not to paint every strand of hair but the simplified shape.

I received some amazing handmade brushes from an artisan woman in UK, it feels like I never had real brushes before :-) For the first time I feel like I decide what the brush makes, instead of the opposite.

Painting a study of a readhead. I'm struggling with that hair ! I find it hard to get the right balance between showing the paint work and showing the hair detail.

One year after ;-) I finally finished my sun shade painting visor :-) It went not so bad, I'm happy of the result. Sliding the wire inside the finished bias binding was the most challenging. The pattern is available on the internets , it is called "lucent visor" . It has a really huge shade

Working on brushstrokes work, copying a study after Jeremy Lipking. Working in wet oil is really cool once you decide it can be :-)

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