I have just been testing a 100% recycled heavy paper for a series project, it turns out to work really good ! I am really happy as it is quite difficult to find such a paper where I live.

I finally put the last corrections to this portrait of two brothers. I have had some hard time due to the backlit reference picture which I was given to work with, so I had to invent most of the forms in the shadows. In the end I think likeness is here.

Work in progress : a in of two brothers for a . It has been impossible to paint due to the heat these days... Today at last we had cool rain and fresh air so I could get at it again :-) I need to calm down my contrasts it seems they are going to play theater, when they should not !

Hand light study in - I liked the outdoors lightning on the reference, and the grace of the hand pose. So it was a pleasant subject to practice turning form with color temperature 😁

More oil pixels πŸ˜‚ I've been speed mixing this afternoon with a poster study for a commission portrait . It is damn hot here now

Almost there ! I will want to fix some little things here and there but I think she is grounded now πŸ˜… I have quite some sunken in areas, I think I will have to better seal the canvas next time

WIP Getting somewhere slowly ! Listening to stellar attraction progressive radio while costumes is really neat :D

WIP having fun texturing fabric and pearls in . I find it hard but rewarding to paint in glazes over dry white for the satin

Today I've been blocking in with charcoal for the next painting. Listening to Suspiria soundtrack by Goblin πŸ‘½

Having fun with a poster study in today. Do we call this "traditional pixel art" ? :da_bow:

Hello ! I'm a french painter, all new here. Making my first steps to discover Mastodon and the mastodon.art community :)

Here is a study in that I made last week

credits : deviantart.com/faestock/art/Si


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