I have just been finishing and photographying these . I managed to put up a great scanner-like setup to take photos despite the shiny fresh surface, using 2 lamps at 45° and a black curtain with a hole between me and the paintings. I had tried many times to do it outside under overcast scattered light with no avail...

@patricepoly They look fantastic! Thank you for sharing your lighting setup, as well! 💖

@patricepoly Wow, the portraits are amazing and the photos are indeed very good, I can see no reflections at all.

@wim_v12e you are too nice ;-) There are still quite some reflexions... but I found how to remove these by making the light angle more parallel to the canvas surface

@wim_v12e the lamps are two 135w , 5500K daylight spectrum, fluorescent bulbs, with big aluminum bowl reflectors

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