@silverseams Even harder when you don't have a camera that produces high dynamic range images, and rhe software and knowledge to get information for these darks. My camera tries to even all values across the tiny 8 bits per channel space that jpg offers, resulting in very poor nuances in blacks. You did very well for these by the way

@patricepoly That's an elderly iPad Mini just doing its own automatic thing. It does a pretty good job most of the time, which is good considering the only real control it gives me is "flash or no flash."

I also have a camera that I can theoretically do more manual stuff with, but generally I find the iPad is smarter than me if I just try different lighting setups.


@silverseams one trick I found useful at times, to take a picture of a moslty black drawing on a white background, is to use the "back light" automatic setting of a smartphone, so it goes for information in the low values. The really working way I found is to use a photograph's physical calibration 50 % grey card under the same lighting to set my smartphone exposure. It sounds cumbersome but it really helps for such extreme situations as your black dragons on clear background :)

@patricepoly Thanks, though I don't think the iPad's default settings even allow for that. (Pretty sure they want me to buy a more advanced camera app.) Mostly I just change the lighting, or the backdrop, since I certainly have enough colors of minky to choose from...

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