Asking the Mastodon community : What would be the correct way to toot in multiple languages without flooding followers / timelines ? Use one account per language ? Use language tags ? Include translations within each toot ? ( like this )
Quelle serait la bonne methode pour poueter dans plusieurs langues sans inonder les abonnés / les timelines ? Utiliser un compte par langue ? Utiliser des tags de langues ? Inclure la traduction dans chaque pouet ? ( comme ici )

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[EN, with FR follow due to message length]

There probably isn't a one-size-fits-all situation. If the message is short, a single toot may be preferred; if longer, a single message in each language, with the language tag at the start of each one. Multiple accounts I would only consider if I routinely posted in many languages.



Il n'y a pas de panacée. Si le message est court, un seul pouet peut être préférable; si plus long, un simple message dans chaque langue, en indiquant la langue au début de chacun des messages. Quant à utiliser plusieurs comptes, je ne l'envisagerais que si je postais régulièrement dans beaucoup de langues.

@patricepoly I have a number of followers who post in multiple languages, and it's usually both in the same post (although leaving a blank space between the two helps people who speak the second language not to miss that it's there). Occasionally two posts in a row for longer stuff, which gets awkward if there's a picture (which either has to pick favorites, double post, or put the picture in a third post).

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